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Updated May 30, 2001

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What is New and News
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May 30, 2001 Well it has been about a year since I updated this web site, I am sorry that I have not had the time to update this web site.  However, I have to say I am having the time of my life raising my wonderful baby girl.  I keep saying that I should update the site, but when it come between playing with my child, or this site, I always chose my child.  Maybe one day I will be able to put a few hours into this site again, but for now I am happy.  I am sorry for all the links that have gone bad in the mean time, unfortunately the internet changes faster then I can keep up with it.

Also the good news is that this web site remains as popular as ever.  Today Geocities shut down this site, for a short time, because of too much traffic.  After a call to them they told me that this is precautionary because too much traffic is often a sign of abuse, the good news is that in the case of this web site it is a sign of popularity.  I thank you all for visiting and I am glad my site is useful to so many people.

Also, sorry for no more reviews, my old PB is now my second computer and my mothers old PB is my third computer (of course I only have two monitors so I can only use one at a time).  My main computer is home built, I used all the experienced I gained working on my old PB to build my self a computer.  Not bad for someone who learned everything on an old Packard Bell.  I had to build a new system, because the old Packard Bell has reached it's limit.  My new system is a Soyo K7VTA-Pro, this motherboard has the best value for the price. 

Anyway, the sad part of this is the old PB is used by my wife, but atleast it is still serving faithfully with oit's Powerleap adapter.  On the down side I will not be spending any more money on it, so the upgrade adventure is over.  All three PC are linked together with a linksys cable router so any system can get on line all at the same time.  If you want to have multiple PC on a cable modem at the same time I highly recommend one.

I have so much more I could write about, if I only had the time.  See you all later - Ray

May 27, 2000 Packard Bell has change the URL for it's web site, this has killed a lot of the links on my web site. these links will all be down until I can add the infomation to my web site or find the new link at the new URL and fix them.  I am sorry for this probem, but this is typical Packard Bell making life hard for us to get the info we need. New Packard Bell URL
April 4, 2000 In other new the PL-Renaissance/AT is getting closer to being released.  The PL-Renaissance/AT can already be bought in a couple of countries and will be available through the powerleap web site real soon.  PowerLeap is still beta testing and trying to make sure as many bugs are as possible are taken care of.  As always they want to offer us a quality product. I plan on obtaining one to test so I can let you all know how well it works. PL-Renaissance/AT
March 31, 2000 Well today I added links to 3 sites you have to visit.  One link is to a free firewall, and it is simply the best fire wall avaliable today.  Another link allows you to test the security of your PC and demonstrates the need for a firewall  The last link allows you to test the speed of your internet connection. Vist my "Tools for your PB" page for these and other great tools
February 27, 2000 Anther quality issue of my newsletter went out today, if you missed it use the link to the right to read it.  Don't forget to sign up, so you don't miss the next issue. Subscribe to Ray's newletter today and/or read the archive
February 25, 2000 Another new page for you folks. CD Rom is another one of the most popular searched tems on my new search tool, so I created a page to help you find the information you need for your CD-ROM device. Your CD-Rom Device
February 23, 2000 Well, I have yet another new page.  My new search tool is showing a lot of folks are looking for info on modems, so I created one more modem page.  This page will tell you how to id your modem/sound card and then will link you to the propper pages on Packard Bell Web Site.

The AMD-K6-2 speeds up to 550MHz.  AMD once again revs up the speed of the AMD-K6-2 processor to 550MHz and continues to deliver an outstanding combination of price and performance.  Use the link to the right to visit the AMD Web Site.

Packard Bell Modems and Sound Cards

AMD Web Site K6-2 News

February 22, 2000 Today I posted an index of Another Packard Bell Web Site.  I am hoping that the index will help you all find pages at this great web site.  I try not to duplicate the information that Velix supplies, so this site is worth a visit. Index of Another Packard
Bell Web Site
February 21, 2000 Another new web page today, it is all about Disabling the Internal Modem.  This is a collection of the best information I can find. Disabling the Internal Modem
February 20, 2000 Today I added a neat search tool from Lycos that allows you to search the web for great software, freeware and shareware.  Check it out. Software
February 16, 2000 Windows 2000 is officially being released tomorrow, so to help people prepare I sent out a special newsletter full of Windows 2000 reviews. Subscribe to Ray's newletter today and/or read the archive
February 14, 2000 Today I posted a brief guide to the slots on our motherboards.  A must read for the beginner that wants to know the difference between a PCI Slot and an ISA slot etc....

I also added a search box on my front page to help you find the information you need.  Click to the right to search.

Which Slot?

Search Ray's Packard Bell Web Site

February 12, 2000 Windows 2000 is being released on February 17, click on the link to the right to see if it is worth it for Packard Bell computer owners to upgrade thier systems with Windows 2000. The Truth About Windows 2000
February 2, 2000 I finished my review of the evergreen AcceleraPCI, check it out at the link to the right.

I also sent out another issue of my newsletter, if you would like to read it click on the link to the right and check out the archive.  If you enjoy reading it, subscribe today, so you don't miss out on the next issue. 

Evergreen Accelera PCI 466

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1999 Archive If you want to see my updated for 1999 click the link to the right. 1999 What's New

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