June 18, 2005   A description of the past week

I have beeen working out now solidly since about May 18th, after a long break due to my firing schedule. Sometimes I find that I cen not seem to get into that happy medium place regarding my art-work and my physical well being. This is bothersome.

The past week has been a difficult, yet extremely rewarding one. I spent last weekend in that
HOT HUMID DANK weather tooling around Rhode Island. 150 supported miles, with my right hand man Pez heading up the tech crew. I was elated but very tired at the start (I only had three hours of sleep), but about 68 miles into an 81 mile day on Sat saw me fixing a slashed tire while sitting in Sumac, standing on the side of the road with no shade and no water for 90 minutes, and sporting three more flats in the next ten miles. I was at the start of what could have been my last ride here on earth. I had specific training objectives to uphold- ride the 150 at a comfortable but completely aerobic pace...easy enough, so I thought.
That night I think we had a good time at the BBQ (Don't remember much) This should have been a clue to someone that things were not OK with me. Apparently I was the life of the party...

In the morning Pez noticed that I was in an extreme fog and very pale, ashen even, Debbie noticed that I wasn't really eating, or drinking. I just plodded along
feeling really BAD. I was nausiated, tired, out of it... and by the time I got about 60 miles into the day, being pulled off the route for not knowing who I was...I was a mess...throwing up... hot... and parched but not able to keep anything down...Basically I was setting myself up to die of heat stroke, or die and being scraped from the pavement... PEZ pulled me off the route by sicking the EMT's on me. WHY CAN"T I REMEMBER MORE?

Monday- I just rambled 4 miles in the woods- it was still hot and I was still feeling the effects of the weekend. Not eating or drinking normally yet...

Tuesday- I decided to ride before going to Jeanne's for dinner. 20 Mile Tempo ride, something Bud has since told me not to do, NOT YET...It went fairly well, but this was an extremely hard ride.

Wednesday- Road to the rink via KEEHLER- then skated for an hour - man my legs are sore!!!

Thursday- the day that everything starts to change... I have been dealing with my fears all week. Will I be ready for this race in a month, will what happened last week happen again? I've been a bit humble in my training- feeling like I have been stripped of all my confidence-
REALITY SLAP- heard voiced concern from Dave, Bud, and Sue. I decided to ride a recovery ride with Bud this day, instead of riding to work. I let him decide where, when , how fast... we ride right into a storm, just as I am gettin used to my legs...why did it have to end!

Friday- HILL WORK on KEEHLER- 70's and SUNNY (few sprinkles)
This ride started out with my fears getting the better of me. It seemed like I was never going to warm up. Keehler, for those of you who don't know is this hill with about a 12% grade average, with a few long 17-18% pitches, that is about 1 mile long... the other side... Hillside is longer, just as steep, but has some plataeus between the pitches...I was riding up over Keehler and turning around to go up over Hillside- Bud was looping Keehler on the main road- I chose my route to keep in contact with him, STILL SCARED TO GO at IT all out  ALONE, plus he rides it at a much faster pace. We rode for about an hour and a half... winding things up by climbing this driveway to see this gorgeous view, while trespassing of course...MAN I WAS SO NERVOUS that I didn't really enjoy the view...This was a glorious but extremely difficult ride!

Today, Saturday... well, I am ordered to take a break... Andrew's Bar Mitzvah.... Tomorrow nine hours of BLISS!

June 19: 70's sunny but gonna be a warm one (Its early yet)
Do you know how hard it was to take a rest yesterday?
Went out for an early morning spin with Ken. Had originally planned on riding to New Paltz - saving that for later in the week. Planning on intervals yet today as well- soon. I got my computer working again-  yea! Now I just have to get a better HRM.

more later.

K- its later and my legs are fried! Of course the weather got CLOUDY and PISSY too.  I spent 90 minutes down on route 100 with Bud running intervals between route 35 and 118. Five minutes on five minutes off.  I didn't realize that I would be so beat as the set didn't seem to bother me until my very last one. I had a difficult time getting my HR up to where it needed to be with the last two. My cadence had to increase to almost 100 to get my HR to stay in the bottom of the range, pushing the hardest gear I could. It was almost annoying.

Taking tomorrow off!

June 23, 2005
I've been bad about keeping this log updated, but have to say I have experienced much since the season began.  As I think on to todays ride, I am reminded of all the adventures that have taken place over the season, like the missed view a few days ago and the search for one to top it began. Maybe I am nuts, but I really felt bad that I did not stay on top of that driveway. The look of diappointment continues to haunt me, maybe because the artist in me blew it? So I am finding myself thinking and thinking about the possibilities within our range.

Those thoughts  bring  me to a recent journey over Mohonk Mtn., biking the 70 miles just to climb 3 only to find it almost too hazy to see anything, and we didn't stop and look, though the decent was slow enough to really look and marvel... next time we'll just have to ditch the road bikes for MTN and ride the trails all day.  On the 70 mile route home, we encountered more climbs than anticipated, and the weather was a bit tough, but in general this was an antic free trip, which was odd for us, which may be why I have not spoken about it, nothing happened, no flats, no almost getting t-boned by a SEMI, no stupid pranks, nothing, not even the usual banter, it was really a meditative ride.  We even rode by a cop on the Mid-Hudson Bridge (you know the one YOU MUST WLAK YOUR BIKES ACROSS) and there was no chase, he smiled at us and went back to what he was doing. There is ALWAYS next time. I did manage to fall apart in Holmes and bail in a thunderstorm. I called Kenny to pick me up, I had had enough, which left me with the string of emotions that comes along with quitting, as Bud rode on without me. My route ended at the 125 mile mark instead of his 140, purely disappointing. We did find good pizza in Highland though- 3 Guys Pizza (check them out).

About todays ride- I spent an hour spinning at a pace that allowed me to sing - actually Bud sang I just called out the grade of the hills we were trying to stay aerobic on- he even asked me ride the steepest part of that climb with no hands just to see how much energy I was exerting- I did it which surprized even me.  Training for this ultra marathon stuff has been intersting- I am starting to fall in love with my BIKE again, something I have not felt for a good two years (since I tore the periformis). I guess a good kick in the pants type of scare is good for the soul.