March 23 - SNOWY 32 (SNOWY? WHY?)
OK, by the time I got home from school it was dark enough for me to reconsider excercise, but fortunately for little voice in the back of my head that witnessed the carnage of hanging out as a faculty advisor to the junk-food club I decided that I had not banked enough calories to skip the daily workout. I figured even a few minutes was better than nothing.  So I got changed and put my trail running shoes on and headed out the door in the dark with a Orange fleece and a headlanp. Ever try to run downhill in a freakin snowstorm? The flats were not as easily negotiated either, then there were the things that looked like bear tracks by the lake...By the time I had covered 2 miles I was soaked to the skin (yes its heavy wet snow) and getting cold so  I decided that 15 minutes at 75% is better than nothing so I headed home (up that damn 12% climb I had been doing repeats on)  I tell you that running on the snow covered road in the dark feels about as dangerous as it is. I was not really bothered by too much traffic, but the few cars and plow that went by me caused me to bow my head in continual prayer (OK its HOLY WEEK too)
So overall workout? came out to 20 minutes at 75% - Don't worry I am shoveling  later.

Later- Shoveled and built a snowman while I was at it. Snowmen are really tiring to build- especially when you are trying to find rocks and sticks in the snow and dark and your kids wont help you.

March 27, 2005 Cloudy about 50 degrees                  17.5  Miles (1 hour)
Went out for an Easter Morning jaunt. I was having a hard time getting started, spent the past two days on construction projects and in my studio, and even though I have been active enough to be sore, it has not felt like I have really worked. YEP you guessed it, I FEEL FAT.

I concentrated on keeping my HR at 85%, and my cadence at 80 or better  but somehow, it did not seem too strenuous, I could've spoken to anyone without too much trouble, even when my HRM said I was at 100% I didn't feel out of breath, which makes me wonder if I need anouther HRM.

For an Easter ride, there were LOTS of people out. I felt as if I flew through it, and could've stayed out much longer.

March 29 - Sunny (finally) and about 45 degrees   (1.3 hrs)     Not sure about milage (22 I think)
I have been feeling so lax about working out lately that I decided to do something about it this morning. I e-mailed Bud to tell him I planned to ride this afternoon around 4:00. I was elated when I got the call at 3:15 asking me if I was pedaling. I had someone to ride with, someone that would keep my workout honest.
The ride was great - down 22/peapond/121/bogtown- a bit too much traffic at times but overall it had a variety of terrain- just enough hills to boost the HR and just enough flats to recover, and a training partner that would keep things moving at a business pace. There were no mishaps today (usually a ride with Bud has antics of some sort) The worst thing that happened was I managed to leave the house with my tights on inside out and did not realize it til I got home.
I was actually glad to have the opportunity to chat about training. I have goals that are very specific, and I knew that he would have some sound advice. What I did realize though is that I had already figured it out perfectly on my own, his advice was just the conclusion I had come to..I was ecstatic, am I finally getting the hang of coaching enough to coach myself? So I am off to a great start- as long as I can maintain consistency!
TOMORROW REPEATS after the Track meet

April 2 -lots of rain (buckets and buckets) 45 degrees and major migrain!
I can't let my head stop my workout because Wednesday's track meet took til 8:00 PM and I didn't get to do my repeats, then dropping off student work for a major exhibition fouled my attempt at running on Thursday, and yesterday, well, PEZ got in the way. I spent the afternoon hanging out with the PEZMAN at the PEZ convention in Stamford trying to secure a crew for my upcoming Saratoga race. It is interesting how Dave disappears for months, and I decide to go with one of his right hand men and then he pops out of the woodwork as if he had a honing device on Pez or something. SO I have the best, the best mechanic/coach who will  push me to do the 24 hour and the perfect second mechanic/cheerleader in drag who knows how to get the best out of a stone. Now I just need the medical person to fill out the crew. So, you see my quest yesterday got me excited about this endeavor.
This morning with my brain feeling like it was literally ready to bust out of my skull from the throbing, and the stomach that felt like it was left on the oval in Lake Placid three months ago, I managed to pull off a 22 minute 5K in the pouring rain. I was soaked to the bone when I got home, especially since I cooled down by walking up that damn hill. I know hills are our friends, they make us powerful both mentally and physically, but somehow in the cold rain with an anvil between your shoulders that hill just loses its appeal.
We'll see what tomorrow holds - it will either be chopping wood for the ANAGAMA firing (visit or biking in the rain - 60 miles if the temp hold above 45. For now, I am going to nurse my headache with dandelion tea. Till tomorrow...

OK Its tomorrow April 3 - it was nice and sunny and hot where I was
I spent the day chopping wood for the wood firing I will be doing in a few weeks. Put it this way, I had an axe or some other dangerous implement  in my hand for over 7 hours. too sore to talk about it! Knees really bothering me- so is the elbow I dislocated two years ago. UGGH.

April 16, 2005
Working out for the two weeks has been an interesting endeavor. I spent one more day on the wood pile (April 9) in which I was swinging an axe for a good deal of time, as well as carrying logs from one stack to another. I spent exactly three days on my bike (counting yesterday and today) and two days running. I also packed up the ceramics room, which was 50 years of accumulated stuff in less than 2 days time. I have not been all that motivated to tell you the truth. I think I have just been overscheduled, to say the least.
Yesterday, I managed about 75 miles and today a mere 17, but it really did feel good to get out there, even if I do have my fair share of stories to tell about the experiences. One question: why do people in cars insist that they can do anything and we have to react?I almost got blindsided twice and I had this lady lock them up at an intersection with me behind her and the light was green . I plan on commutting by bike two days this week (54 round trip) we'll see what happens.
On a more positive note my diet has been pretty decent. Though I think I found out that sugar is out of the question. I have spent the better part of my adult life being severely allergic to Rum, now I seem to get severe headaches from sugar. (could be worse things to life. See you on the road.

April 19, 2005  cold in the AM - Hot in the evening     50 Miles Hilly
I rode to school today- interesting that I can still make the 25 mile commute in 1:15. I started for home at 6:00 PM and was worried that I would be too tired to make it home in a decent time, same 1:15. I had some great thoughts too- and was inspired to try it again this week.

FIRE BREAK (whats this?) Its two back to back wood firings that left me exhausted and Hypoxic. Two 48 hour periods in which I got no sleep because I was off stoking a kiln, somewhere. Oh YEAH Stoking ... throwing logs in to a big fire (3 fireplace size every 5 minutes at one point)... These two firings set me back about a month total.

Fresh new batch of logs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>