June 25, 2005
Last day of school- so much packing to do and YooHoo is graduating. Kenny is home cooking up a storm for the BBQ and I decide that in order to fit in a workout I best ride into work. Ok, this sounded like a good idea at first, until I was running late in both directions. I had to get a ride 1/2 way in so that I would be there at a reasonable time. Then after packing up my studio for the next five hours I had to hoof it home, again running really late, so Kenny met me a little more than 1/2 way. I found that I actually welcomed that ride in away as I was suffering from a bit of overtraining as I did not follow that 10% rule, I basically increased my mileage by almost double. So after 26 miles for today, I am taking tomorrow off.

June 27, 2005   95 Degrees HHH
Had one of those LISTEN TO YOUR BODY days yesterday. I spent 2.5 hours in 95 degree heat working out at 90% MHR, yet could not seem to push things faster than 16 ?MPH and my HR did not recover quickly, neither did my lungs, my peak flow was really low. I was really upset by this, not about the fact that I bombed a workout, but about the fact that I felt as if I wrecked Bud's in some respect. He would get his HR up and blast ahead of me, but then have to wait, sometimes for minutes...
I decided to take today off, got to bed early last night, and plan on taking tomorrow on a how I feel basis, maybe a trail run, but definately not a trip on my bike.

July 2- wow what a week! HOT HUMID T-Storms

I spent the week in class and trying to fit training in on top of all the work I had to do to keep up in class. I took a rest on Monday, RAN Tuesday (40 Minutes), and road to school on Wed (Hauled as I was running very late) . This was an interesting ride- I grumbles the first 10 miles as I left home about 30 minutes later than I should have, Barely missed a doe crossing route 22, almost got run off the road by a landscaper on Pea Pond, nearly flipped over a snapping turtle the size of a 500 year oak on 137, worried about a speeding ticket through Scotts Corners (It is the end of the month), and somehow made it the 22 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes despite the climb up Ponus Ridge. The plan was that Bud was going to do intervals in the morning and then we would spend a few hours after my class tooling the back roads of New Canaan, Wilton and Ridgefield looking for a hill to op Keehler- I know a potential one on the NC/Wilton border. At 1:15 I get a call that its PISSING RAIN in Somers, a few minutes later Justin calls to tell me he will be picking me up the weather is THAT bad. Parts of Ponus seemed to disappear... yes the weather was that bad. - ok there is still skating...or so I thought...I ended up spending the evening PLANNING the 22 in 22 Route with BUD.
Thursday I rode a nice easy ride with Bud (OK it wasn't an easy ride- we were skirting a storm - seems like every time I ride with him it rains, except for today). Friday I blew off Keehler- I was too tired and had a ton of studio work to do. Today I went to NC with Bud
(see ROUTE discription) There were a few antics on our ride. The Durkin Water tanker tried to play WHITE LINE CHICKEN with me and ran me into the dirt complete with a lean on the horn to induce the startle effect, this was payback for having words with him earlier at Swans. Our ride through New Canaan was uneventful, though Bud did see a Lamborghini take a corner at 80 MPH only to find an old lady driving at about 20 MPH. Preparing for a race- I am faced with that Mental BATTLE, my challenge for this coming week is to keep that in check... rest... and eat well.

July 4th (FIREWORK?) OK I realized after a scouting trek that Saturday's race will be difficult. I rode the course forward in the car and backward by bike - wanted to convince myself the constant up was an illusion. Its a fairly flat course a few rollers, but has this nagging quality of having a great deal of false flats that seem to be a continous UP and a few places where the track seems a bit hairy - including the two like to chase everything dogs on West River road...

July 5th HHH Again !!! 90 deg
Titicus loop at high cadence and LT. I was aiming for a 32 minute loop and managed it in 31, not that that is spectacularly fast but I was in a lower gear and keeping my cadence above 85- with most times at 92.

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July 6-
you guessed it, rain threatens... Delancy LOOP at an aerobic pace (practiced trying to lower HR on climbs) Discussed race strategies. Had Tim change my cassette, true my wheel, do a quick tune up.

JULY 9 RACE DAY!!!  and of course the weather RAINNING SHEETS!!!!

Ok my goal, ride at least150 miles in the 12 hours, should be easy right? I have everyhting I need, a crew, a new cassette that will allow me to spin at a decent HR, a strategy, and lots of moral support. What I didn't realize is that all those things would be wonderful, I could go all day, but those periformis twinges I had been feeling for the last three weeks would eventually do me in at the 121 mile mark- but I did manage 121 in 6 hours and 34 minutes (or something like that)?. I was devistated as my crew finally taught me about nutrition (I REALLY OWE THEM FOR THAT ONE!!!) and they taught me about my abilities...I am so thankful to them for the whole weekend. They made me feel so special that being disappointed in my performance was really more of a learning experience than a set back. They showed up with my NAME on the back of the support car! HOW COOL WAS THAT!!!  so? what happened after I bailed? I took notes about Bud's riding style under fatigue- you know the only time I have seen him ride under stress has been when I am under even more stress, so it was an interesting vantage point to be clean, warm , and dry in the back of a crew car- egging him on, and being able to hand him a towel and hot coffee immediately after the finish. The beer and burger afterwards at the Parting Glass never tasted so great! Waking up at 2AM to see the 24 hour riders as they came in was interesting as well. I'm psyched for AUG 6th -for the NE Challenge.  Kenny is racing the 100 MILE! I am going to attempt another 12 hour.