Training Tips: (my training log)
* Spend time on your SKATES- aim for the amount of time you anticipate the race to take you using 25K/hr as a guide. Skate your laps at a pace just above comfortable.
* Train both aerobic and anerobic systems to build your tolerance for lactic acid build up.
* Don't forget your nutritional needs during an endurance event. You should train using the food/drink you plan on using during the race.
* Have Fun!!!! Be Consistent!!!! Cross Train to avoid burnout!

You can apply this to biking as well!

Next season:
Contemplating the
What's Up NOW?

Buds X-State Attempt

I am currently trying to put together a charity event for next season so watch for details. It will be a two day event involving two 100k tours and a 200K race, a BBQ, a no-talent show,  and awards for more than the race. The venue will be Mirror Lake but the beneficiaries have yet to be determined.

On the road? YES YES YES planning stuff there too!
Coming up is the 
Saratoga 12/24 - Dave and Matt of The Peloton fame will be providing full support for my ride this year. As for the  Adirondack 540, well have to see about that, I will definately need support, and the guys are busy with Breaking theCycle

The guys from
The Peloton will be supporting Bud with his quest for the cross NYS record. I plan on helping out with this endeavor too.
On the burner?
I am going to make a
RAAM attempt next year with a 4 person relay.

Marathoning wrapped up competition for the season season with great success, check out the MSI page for the results. Check out the nordic skater too. Incidently, I there was an article entitled WILD SKATING was  in the Feb 4th Escapes section of the NY TImes. Diane Daniel was at the North Americans in Lake Morey and did a nice job talking about skating on natural ice. There is a great picture of Barry being persued by a bunch of people including Peter Doucet, Youri Juteau, Jake Marse, Derik Beir, Jim Cornell, and Rob Kramer (not in that order). 

The Petite Center hosted the Short Track  NATIONALS.
Claude  and Jea Min battled it out with Jea Min taking 1st and Claude taking a respectable third after a fall in his last race. Abbey took 2nd, Al 3rd and Ganghyun 6th.
Congrats to all who participated.

Check the USS site for camps and the 2006 schedule .
USS announced its Coaches of the Year-
congrats Jim Cornell
My Coach,  and friend, Bud Eichorn was a finalist- way to go Bud.

Event  reviews
(ST, LT, Marathon, Biking)
^Click on links for reports ^
Click Here for my review of The Gates
Taking a break to do something I learned as soon as I could stand on my own: A day at Jiminy Peak
Here are the
Details of the Spring Anagama at Gustin Ceramics and the Catanary Arch at Museum Village.
FIRING JULY 16/17 Museum Village
Class with Matt Long at the LALOBA Clay Center
Capitol Open
NY States
Tour de Cure
Saratoga 12/24

Check out Fred Gilberts Movie "GO TO THE START"