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We both love LotR, aw! and especially Merry! (aw look its merry)
Darcy Tucker... Maple Leafs... what more can i say?
and Nicole is actually crazy and rly pysco 4 Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood!!
AND Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan
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we have a friend who's obsessed w/ Tristan/Chad Michael Murray!!!! yupyup that'd be Mrs. Maddie Murray
caffine high monkeys...yumm... not that i eat monkeys or anything, nicole eats very slow but no monkeys...and kt eats babies... so.. no monkey eaters here.
Good songs... Good songs...
Tide is high - Atomic Kitten (-Maddie-)

Goodbye - Spice Girls (-Maddie-)

Diamonds are a girls best friend - Nicole Kidman (-Maddie-)

What dreams are made of - Hilary Duff (-lots of ppl-)

You dont mean anything to me - Simple Plan (-lots of ppl <Nicole, joel dance>-)

How did I fall in love with you - Backstreet Boys (-Allysa-)

What went wrong? - Blink 182 (-lots of ppl-)

Cell Block Tango - Chicago cast (-lots of ppl-)

99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger (-Maddie, Nicole-)

The Anthem - Good Charlotte (-Nicole!-)

Hundred Million - Treble Charger (-HOCKEY SONG!!!!!!!-)
And we are both OBSESSIVE over dolphins... *sigh* what started it all ------>
YA! GC WILDLIFE FUND!!---------->
DUDE. the pengrrels, duuddde
July 23rd, ((of course we r STILL unshur of who the groom will be)) but be there anyway! Just remember... Caitlin, isle, & Benji do NOT go in the same sentence!
Damn Good Bands/Singers

Good Charlotte

Simple Plan

Spice Girls


Michael Jackson

Sum 41

Frank Sinatra

Elvis Presley

HeyHey! Welcome! Just wanna say hi to sum ppls: Maddie, Sm, K+, Joey, Matt, Crissy, Gewelz, Mere, Nick, Ad, Jesse, Allysa, Colin, Jess, Richard, Alex, Will, Jordan, Jason, Laura, Shane, Katie, (nicole 2 but she co-hosts this page so uh ya) and anyone else i didnt put. Hi *waves*
Amazingly Amazing movies
Lizzie McGuire Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean

Lord of the Rings -  Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers

Empire Records

Moulin Rouge

Breakfast at Tiffanys
I looovve Christmas! -->
Ooo! I dearly love snow, like rly rly love snow!
Nicole rly loves butterflys
That, below, is a pengrrel! and of course everyone loves a pengrrel, but they're endangered... *sniff* but u should support them by supporting the GC Wildlife Fund! good phun good phun
We have a sister site now! (thats gotta mean we're like a big league site... right?! meh, probably not.)  its called: Asarded
this is sorta a old school site so ya know what i mean. 1998 - 2003
class of
2003 *mwah*