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I am a Musician in the St. Louis Area and this is my Music WEB Page. I am currently the Staff Arranger and Trombonist with the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America located at Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL. This page includes information on Arranging and Compositions and some of my available music. Marching Band Arrangements are on my other page.
This is a privately owned and maintained WWW site. All information and opinions contained on this site are the responsibility of the owner. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the Goverment of the United States of America. Questions regarding the site should be directed to the site owner at;  bandarranger@charter.net
Rates;  While rates obviously vary from project to project, and are ALWAYS negotiable, here are some Arranging/ Orchestrations guidelines...........
Orchestration and Transcription
Billing Incrementally:  Usually the most equitable method of calculating billing, and therefore the most common, incremental billing divides the project into 'chunks'.  Since segments of a large work vary greatly in scope, the most reliable way of doing this is by the least common denominator:  the 'measure', or 'bar'.
My basic rate using this method is $3.00 per measure for orchestrations.  (Put into perspective; the average three-verse song is about 80 bars long.)
**In addition, when negotiating the terms of an orchestration job, I ask for between 1 and 2% of the performance royalties derived from all future professional productions in which my orchestration is used.  (I don't always get it, but I always ask!)  If the project requires composition in addition to orchestration, this percentage would be scaled accordingly.
Project:  Occasionally, I can be cajoled into billing by the whole project.  This method of billing works best for known commodities like transcriptions and for frequent clients.
The process of creating an orchestration automatically generates recordings as the work progresses.  (That's how I present my work to the client as we go along in a project.)  There is a flat fee of $200.00 for sequencing and mastering a final recording of the orchestration in its entirety.
Recordings of the complete work with singers are billed at an hourly studio rate of $100.00.  The hourly rate includes recording, mastering, engineering and tape stock.   (Singers and other personnel may be hired by the client or  , and their services are billed separately.) Recordings can be mastered on CD.
Consulting and Composition:
Rates for these special services vary too greatly to define here, and are negotiated on a per-service basis.
Other Factors...
The RUSH job:  More often than not, orchestrations must be delivered by a deadline.  Should the deadline shorten the usual lead time (which I'll discuss with you before we begin), it'll cost ya -- but not a whole lot... I love a challenge!  (Typically, I'll tack on 10-15% for a rush job.)
Costs:  My policy is not to charge at all for 'things'.  (That means tangible goods like paper, tape, computer disks, etc.)  In short, no mark-ups for the client to begrudge, and no sales-tax headaches for me!
I do charge for shipping, though, and even then, only when I have to 'overnight' something. Lately I have begun to use ADOBE ACROBAT to sne music via the internet. It has no shipping fee.
For information on purchasing Arrangements and Compositions or to contact me regarding a new project feel free to call 618-789-2561 or e-mail me at..... bandarranger@charter.net
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Original Music       Group              Style   Comments                            Price

"The Thoroughbred"  Trombone Quartet Classical  Driving 6/8 with a 4/4 Ballad Section $30.00
   Commisioned by Murray State University

"Why Me?"   Brass Quintet Ballad  4/4 Ballad featuring 1st Trumpet or Flugal $30.00
   Commisioned by USAFE Band Brass Quintet.

"The 7th Fanfare"  Brass Quintet Modern  Good opening Fanfare   $25.00
   Commisioned by USAF Band of the East.

"A Lesson Learned"  Jazz Ensemble 3/4 Jazz Ballad Alto Sax Feature   $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Cloudy Daze"  Jazz Ensemble 4/4 Latin  Features Tenor Sax and Trombone  $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of New England.

"The Eiger"   Jazz Ensemble" 3 Mvt. Jazz Piece Hard Swing and Latin   $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of the East.

"The 4 O'Clock Blues  Jazz Ensemble F Blues  F Blues with Sax Soli and Solo Section. $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"This Moment""  Jazz Band  Ballad  Trombone Solo Feature w/ Sax Soli  $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of the East.

"900 Chapman Drive"  Jazz Band  F Blues  Blues w/ solo's for Trombone and Trumpet $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Dana's Dilemma"  Jazz Band  F Funk Tune  Funk/ Rock with Solo's for Alto, Trbn, Trpt $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Lightning Bug"  Jazz Band  Easy Swing in F Swing tune with Sax Soli and Solos for all $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Toro Triste"  Jazz Band  Latin/ Rock  Chuck Mangione meets Stan Kenton  $40.00

Arrangements         Group         Style         Comments           Price
"More Than You Know"  Jazz Band/ Vocal Swing  Old Bessie Smith Tune (Out of Print) in C $40.00
   Arrangement Commisioned.

"Black Coffee"  Jazz Band/ Vocal Blues   Old Blues Swing Tune in Bb  40.00
   Commisioned by Shirly Chauvin.

"Misty"   Jazz Band/ Vocal Standard  Standard in E flat   $40.00
   Tenor Solo also.

"Shenandoah"  Trombone Quartet Traditional  Easy Arrangement   $25.00
   High School Level.

"Cantate Domine  Brass Quintet Classical  By Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)  $25.00
Canticum Novum"  For the USAFE Band for 4th of July in Denmark.

"Jamaica Farewell"  Brass Quintet Traditional  The Old Harry Belefonte Tune  $25.00
   Written for USAFE Band.

"Liberty Bell March"  Brass Quintet March  John Philip Sousa   $25.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"A Foggy Day"  Trombone Quartet Swing Standard The Famous Gerswin Tune  $25.00
   Commisioned by The LSU Trombone Choir.

"Mood Indigo"  Trombone Quartet Swing Standard A Duke Ellington Tune   $25.00
   Commisioned by The LSU Trombone Choir.

"Rainmaker"   Jazz Band 6/8 Latin  Recorded by Earl Klugh   $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"I Got Rhythm"  Jazz Band Funk/ Hip Hop  Hip Hop Version of the Gershwin Favorite $40.00
   Written for the USAF Band of Mid-America.

"L-O-V-E"   Jazz Band Vocal Swing  From the Natalie Cole's "Unforgettable" $40.00
   Same key as Recording with Trumpet Solo.

"Waltzin"   Jazz Band  3/4 Swing  Victor Brasil Tune   $40.00
   Sax Soli and Solo's in Tenor and Trumpet.

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" Concert Band Vocal Ballad  CB Arr of the Amy Grant Recording  $60.00
   Arr for the USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Have Yourself a Merry  Jazz Band  Ballad  Swing Ballad Arr   $40.00
Little Christmas"  Tenor and Bone features.

"Someone to Watch  Concert Band Vocal Ballad  CB Arr off of the Linda Ronstadt Recording $60.00
Over Me"   Arr for the USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Jump, Jive and Wail"  Jazz Band Vocal Swing  Arr off of the Brian Setzer Orch Recording $40.00
   Tenor Solo and Bone Solo also.

"Freedom"   Concert Band Vocal Pop   From the Movie "Prince of Egypt"  $75.00
   As recorded by Wynonna Judd.

"Memory"   Concert Band Vocal Broadway  From the Show "Cat's"   $60.00
   With a hot tag from the show.

"O'Holy Night"  Concert Band Vocal Christmas  From the Sandi Patti Recording  $75.00
   High "D" for the vocalist at end.

"Glow Worm"  Concert Band Vocal Swing  From the Mel Torme Recording  $60.00
   Right off the album.

"Theme to the Magnificent 7" Concert Band Movie Music  As per the Boston Pops recording  $50.00
   From the Movie of the same title.

"My Heart Will Go On"  Concert Band Vocal Movie Music  From the Movie "Titanic"   $50.00
   Same key as the original.

"Fever"   Jazz Band Vocal Swing  Lena Horne Tune   $40.00
   Goes from D minor up to C Minor.

"Paper Moon"  Jazz Band Vocal Swing  Like the Natalie Cole version  $40.00
   In Eb with a Trombone solo.

"Theme to Johnny Quest" Jazz Band  Cartoon Jazz From the show "Johnny Quest"  $40.00
   Great opener.

"Jingle Bells"  Jazz Band  Swing  The Christmas tune in Jazz style  $40.00
   Tenor and Trumpet solo sections.

"Frosty the Snowman"  Jazz Band  Swing  The Christmas tune in Jazz style  $40.00
   Trumpet Solo section.

"Racing with the Moon"  Brass Quintet Movie Ballad From Movie "Racing with the Moon"  $25.00
   Composed By Dave Grusin.

"Quando, Quando"  Jazz Band  Easy Latin Tune Calypso with Solo's in Trpt, Sax, Bone $40.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Christmas Opener"  Concert Band Concert Opener Has room for narration   $60.00               
   Joy To The World, Good King Wencelas, I Saw Three Ships, Hark The Herald Angels Sing

"Butterfly Kisses"  Concert Band Vocal  The Pop song by Bob Carlisle  $50.00
   Written for USAF Band of Mid-America.

"Zoot Suit Riot"  Jazz Band  Vocal or Instrumental By the Cherry Popin Daddies  $40.00
   Written for High School Band level

"Sideman"   Jazz Band   Vocal  Rosemary Clooney with the Basie Band $40.00
   Lift off of the album

"It Don't Mean A Thing"  Jazz band  Vocal  Very fast with a Tenor Solo  $40.00
   By Duke Ellington

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