4 D Places the Smith Family has been!
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The Acropolis, Athens, Greece
A Blue Door in Thessalonika, Greece
A View from Santorini, Greece
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Part of an Old French Castle
Italian Castle, Milan, Italy
Gondolas in Vinice, Italy
Johnny's Bar in Manchester, England
The Hawaii coast, Maui
Windmills in Southern California
Another view of the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA
A Grainery in Southern IL
A Wisconsin Wheat Field near Madison, WI
The Martin Luther King Bridge, St. Louis, MO
A Covered Bridge in New Hampshire
Western Massachusetts in the Fall
A Lighthouse on the Maine Coast
Moscow, Russia
Neuschwanstein Castle in Barvaria, Germany Paris, France
Big Ben, London, England
Stonehenge, England
Windsor Castle, England
The Sydney, Austrailia Opera House
St. Basils in Moscow, Russia
The Arc de Triumph in Paris, France
The Coliseum, Rome, Italy
A night view of Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy
The Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy
Brooklyn Bridge to New York
Manhattan, New York
Times Square, New York
Oshea's Pub in London, England The White Cliffs of Dover, England
Big Ben at night, London, England
A Missouri Farm View
A Barn in Arkansas
A Tennessee Barn at Dusk
The Thuner Sea (lake) in Switzerland
Street Scene of Thun, Switzerland
A typical Swiss Scene
Music on the Wall in the Mid-South
The World Trade Center, New York
Another Maine Lighthouse
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