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I am a Musician in the St. Louis Area and this is the 4D Marching Band Arrangement Page. I am currently the Staff Arranger and Trombonist with the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America located at Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL. This page includes Marching Band Arrangements of mine that I have done over the years.  I hope you enjoy and please check out my Music Arranging Page to see some of my other  music.
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Below are some Marching Band Arrangement  files that I have included for your listening pleasure. Just click on them and ENJOY!
Marching Band Arrangements I have in FINALE
If you are interested in buying these arrangements, please contact me at my e-mail address!!!
Title    Style  Key  Composer   Time

A New Day/ Promise Me  Soundtrack C   J. Goldsmith “First Knight” 2:20
Arthurs Farewell   Soundtrack Various  J. Goldsmith “First Knight” 2:30
Zarathustra-Jupiter  Gustav Holst Opener of "Planets Show"
Click here for an Example of my arrangement of Zarathustra-Jupiter
Basie Medley   Big Band Various  Basie Swing   4:40
(The Heat Is On, Jumpin' at the Woodside, Cute, Shiny Stockings, April In Paris)
Big Band Medley  Big Band Various  Big Band   4:30
     (A String of Pearls, Lil' Darlin, Opus One)
City of Angels (Opener)  Broadway  Bb  Cy Coleman   3:10
Come What May   Soundtrack C  Moulin Rouge   3:00
First Knight #1 (Opener)  Soundtrack Bb  J. Goldsmith “First Knight” 2:15
Raid On Leonesse  Soundtrack C  J. Goldsmith “First Knight” 3:00
I'm Nothing Without You  Broadway Bb  Cy Coleman   2:15
James Bond Medley  Soundtrack C  Various    3:50
Just A Closer Walk With Thee Traditional Bb  Traditional   2:45
Lil’ Darlin   Big Band Bb  Neal Hefti   2:00
Little John   Soundtrack C  Michael Kamen “Robin Hood” 2:00
Magical Mystery Tour  Beatles  F-G  Beatles    2:45
Maid Marian   Soundtrack C  Michael Kamen “Robin Hood” 2:35
Nature Boy   Soundtrack Ab  Moulin Rouge   1:45
Opus One   Big Band Bb  Sy Oliver   1:20
Robin Hood Overture  Soundtrack Ab  Michael Kamen “Robin Hood” 3:00
Battle and Finale  Soundtrack C-F-Bb  Michael Kamen “Robin Hood” 3:15
Sparkling Diamonds  Soundtrack F  Moulin Rouge   2:22
Click here for an Example of Sparkling Diamonds
The Patriot Theme  Soundtrack Bb  John Williams “The Patriot” 2:10
Elsa’a Procession  Classical Eb  Richard Wagner   3:30
Spirit of America    Patriotic Bb  Various    2:30
(This Land is My Land, This Is My Country, America The Beautiful, You're A Grand Old Flag)
Armed Services Medley  Patriotic Various  Service Songs   2:30
Blues Brothers Opener  Blues  C  Traditional   1:00
King of Pain   Pop  Eb-F  Sting    2:50
Secret Marriage   Pop  F  Sting    1:30
Send Your Love   Pop  Bb  Sting    2:15
Sister Moon   Pop  Bb  Sting    1:15
Straight To My Heart  Pop  Bb  Sting    3:20
Click here for an Example of Straight To My Heart
Linus and Lucy   Pop  C  Vince Guaraldi   2:40
Click here for an Example of my arrangement of Linus and Lucy
Christmas Time Is Here  Pop  F  Vince Guaraldi   1:45
Snoopy and The Red Baron Broadway F  Charlie Brown Show  1:24
Your A Good Man Charlie Brown Broadway F  Charlie Brown Show  2:40
Bolero    Latin  C  Ravel    1:40
Spain    Latin  C  Chick Corea   2:20
La Fiesta (Short Version)  Latin    Bb  Chick Corea   2:45
Click here for an Example of my arrangement of La Fiesta
Echoes Of Malaguena  Latin  Ab  Traditional RIP   3:30
Town Without Pity  Blues    Dmitri Tiomkin   1:45Tiger of San Pedro  Latin  Ab  John Labarbera   1:45
Malaguena (Madison Scouts) Latin  F-Eb  Ernesto Lecuona   4:45
One More Time Chick Corea Latin  Eb  Chick Corea   3:10
Latin Medley   Latin  Various  Various Traditional  3:30
William Tell Overture  Overture F  Rossini    1:30
William Tell Overture (Long Ver) Overture F  Rossini    3:50
When The Sun Goes Down Country  Bb  Brett James   3:00
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