(Louisville, KY, August 6, 1995)

Picture this: some 50-odd (and I do mean odd!) SMW fans, sitting together in a section of the Louisville Gardens, surrounded by 2000 people who wanted to kill us. Why? Gee, maybe it had to do with the fact that the SMW guys were the bad guys in Louisville, fighting their beloved USWA heroes. When the USWA team won the steel cage street fight against the SMW team, 2000 people were happy, but then Billy Jack Haynes of the USWA turned on partner Tommy Rich and helped the SMW crew beat him bloody, and it was darn near a riot! We (the SMW Fan Week crew) needed a police escort to get out of town. And you know what? I've never had so much fun in my life!!!

Preparing for the worst
Our Fearless Leader, Mark Curtis, does his best to prepare us for our night of sheer terror (JUST KIDDING, LOUISVILLE--I LOVE YA, MAN!!!)

'Geez, I'm not fighting Lawler AGAIN, am I???'
Area wrestling legend Bill "Superstar" Dundee looks over the program before the matches

It's a slobberknocker!!!
In an SMW vs. USWA tag-team match, Jim Cornette dukes it out with Randy Hales, while their respective partners, Mark Curtis and Frank "The Angel" Morrell look on

'This is like a party at your house, Schiavone'
RAGE IN THE CAGE: Team SMW (Tracy Smothers, Robert Gibson, Brad Armstrong, Buddy Landell, Tom Prichard, Jimmy Del Ray, Terry Gordy, Pat Tanaka & D-Lo Brown) vs. Team USWA (Bill Dundee, Billy Jack Haynes, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, Brian Lee, Steven Dunn, J.C. Ice & Wolfie D). Did I miss anybody??? The object was to handcuff all of the opposing team to the cage. Trouble was, when USWA had done that, Haynes turned on Rich, unlocked all the SMW guys, and they all beat the living you-know-what out of Rich. This is why the Louisville USWA fans wanted to take their frustrations out on us poor, innocent SMW fans.


SMW King Of The Mountain, Morristown, TN--August 13, 1994

SMW Super Bowl Of Wrestling, Knoxville, TN with Pre-Show Meet & Greet--August 4, 1995

SMW FanWeek Picnic & house show, Barbourville, KY--August 5, 1995

SMW house show, Marion, VA--August 7, 1995

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