(Marion, VA, August 7, 1995)

This got down to the nitty gritty of Smoky Mountain Wrestling: a wrestling show in a small town which probably doesn't get much entertainment outside of their TV's. Most of the major stars (Smothers, Bodies, Gibson, Landell, Cornette) were at a USWA show in Memphis that night, but the action in Marion was every bit as hot. My thanks to Tommy Noe for giving me the okay to get up-close and personal during the matches.

Air Mail
U.S. Male Curtis Thompson hits a flying bodypress on HeadBanger Thrasher

It's feeding time
Dirty White Boy chews on the fingers of HeadBanger Mosh, and referee Danny B. can't see it (of course!)

Dozing off
Terry "Bam-Bam" Gordy applies the sleeper hold on Boo Bradley, and Danny B. checks for a submission

The Road Dog in control
Road Dog Jesse James (yes, THAT Road Dog Jesse James) controls Al Snow (before he got Head) with a wristlock in a tag-team match; their respective partners were The Bullet (Bob Armstrong, Road Dog's father) and Unabom (now known as...WHOOPS, almost spoiled it!)

The Bullet pops one
The Bullet pops one on Unabom (Bet Unabom was all BURNED UP over that!)

Let the carnage begin!
IT'S BATTLE ROYAL TIME! (l-r) Dirty White Boy, Curtis Thompson, HeadBanger Mosh, Terry Gordy, Road Dog Jesse James, Unabom and Al Snow get it on

One goes out
Road Dog tosses out HeadBanger Thrasher, while Thompson tries to climb the pole with Snow in pursuit, and Unabom wonders which way to go

A critical error
Thompson ducks out of the way of a Unabom clothesline, allowing Snow to be on the receiving end; Thompson would go on to climb the pole and win the Battle Royal

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