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Bush freezes anti-terror aid to Israel
Thank you, for linking our official AIFA site.

AIFA, a small movement which believes in the importance of the US-Israel relationship base on our share values.

United States and Israel are sharing many values, A top of it, is Freedom which is the main and most important. Liberty, Justice and War on Terrorism are some of many values in which we are both so believe in it.

Liberty and Justice, are the very basic that without them our soicaty wouldn't be such furitful and prosper.

Terrorism, is also a main problem Israel and US are coping with.

A war was enforce on us, a war on terrorism,
Sept 11th, and the daily terror strikes Israel facing.

And God knows, we shall win.

Have a nice visiting here. 

David, N
Chairman, AIFA
Strong Support from Secy Rumsfeld
Open Letter to US President, Mr Geroge W, Bush / Joseph.
Congress Support Israel.
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Dear Mr. President,

I am a proud American who supports your actions and policy supporting Israel. Your determination and persevrnce is admairable to say the least.

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The Latest opinions
America support for Zionism.
United States Presidents toward Israel.
Open Letter to US President, Mr Geroge W, Bush / Yaniv
States Build Bridges to Israel.
Mr. President,

The responsibility for the well being of the State of Israel and the security of the jews rests solely on the shoulders of the goverment of the State of Israel.     
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The Latest Photos
US President meeting with Sharon, White House
Washington D.C Rally Supporting Israel.
Open Letter to US President, Mr Geroge W, Bush / Nissan
U.S Vice President in Jerusalem, Israel
Mr. President,

How can you, the man who so clearly and justifiably defined the war against terrorists who struck against at America as a war wage against evil dare ask Israel to retreat
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