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Bush thinks battling Iraq is Cakewalk. Iraq Plays Dirty.

President George Bush II sends in first wave of troops. 14 are captured by Iraq. Collation troops total 250,000 while Iraq troops total 460,000. Iraq troops playing dirty, pretending to surrender and then shooting. Dressing up as civilians and using civilians as human shields.


Bush gave Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq. They of course didn't and now the U.S. attacked and they are losing. Bush asked the U.N. for a $84 billion dollar loan to fund his war efforts as the U.S. Economy is failing.

In-depth look at the war. Saddaam Hussein supposedly draws an imaginary circle around Baghdad and once a Collation troop crosses the line he will start using bio- and chemical weapons. Collation troops are in the heart of Baghdad. Found an office building covering a few acres of land and found metal drums with substances in them. So far tests are inconclusive and they might or might not be chemicals for chemical weapons.

My question is, how can Hussein be a "big threat" to everyone when they can't find any chemical weapons and he hasn't fired anything and they are way passed the "line".  I know that no one in the world has the power to stand up to the U.S. but I mean this is the reason why we created the United Nations. So we can prevent wars and mass death. I mean why have it when the United States can go and just start a war with whom ever they choose. I mean did Saddam Hussein kill any of their people? No. Did he sends the Hijackers to crash the planes into the World Trade Centers? No. So therefore the U.S. has no reason to attack Iraq.

Another argument I have is if Joe Blow down the street murders Ruby Sue. He goes to jail for life or is executed by lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, gas chamber, or electric chair. But when George Bush sends troops into Iraq with no concrete evidence to prove his cause and he kills millions of Republican Guard, Iraqi troops, and Civilians then he is considered a hero. I just do not understand this logic.

Oh yeah and Mr. Bush no reason to be angry at Canada for not sending any troops. Two things, one we know that you have no reason to, and two what military do we have to send. I mean our Military compared to the American's is farmer's with slingshots and pitchforks.

Bush stated that he wanted to rebuild Iraq and make it a free country, but how can you make a country free when you have already killed 2,000 civilians.

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