www.warpig.com - The World And Regional Paintball Information Guide (WARPIG) is THE place to go for news, technical info, and buying/selling used gear.
www.p8ntballer.com - Great forums, tech articles, and home of PGI magazine
www.angel-owners.com - Tech talk, product news, and general info for the Angel line of markers
www.paintball.com - Informative paintball news site
www.forceofnature.com - PB info site with TONS of FREE pics and videos from all the NPPL and PSP tourney's dating back years.
www.pbreview.com - Paintball gear review site. View user comments and ratings on a variety of gear
www.BKspokane.com - All the news from the Spokane Washington tournament paintball front
www.warpedsportz.com - Home of the Dark, Class, and Rock IR3 Angels and Dark accessories
www.wdp.tv - Makers of the Angel line of markers
www.paintballgear.com - These guys advertise a HUGE selection of everything and anything, but be aware that they usually NEVER have anything IN STOCK. They wait until they receive a certain number of orders for something, and then put in a request to their suppliers, so getting what you order can take FOREVER. If you need a very specific part or something though, and you're willing to wait, this is the place.
www.paintballnumber1.com - Retail site with great deals on lots of gear
www.888paintball.com - Retail site with good prices on a wide variety of gear
www.paintballgeeks.com - Retail site with very good prices
www.thepaintballstore.com - Retail site with good deals on accessories
www.thepaintballarmory.com - Retail site with a wide selection and competitive prices

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Hi, My name is Pat Mulligan, and I'm a paintaholic. Why don't I tell you a little about myself? I'm a paintball player from Spokane Washington. I play as much as I can, devote massive amounts of time to paintball forums, and I can repair and modify just about any marker in existence. I think I've developed an addiction... And I like it. I'm looking for a team right now, so if you're interseted, email me. I can also repair and modify many markers (including all manner of Tippmann's, Autocockers, Bushmasters, and Angels), so if you need any work done, I'm always interested.
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SMART PARTS BLOWS!! Wanna know why? Click here for information regarding SP's unscrupulous attempts to manipulate the US patent system in order to monopolize the electronic marker industry, and suck the life's blood out of paintball