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Soft Uploading:


A lot of people (especially on the internet) have helped me one way or another, including valuable scientific / technical information from USENET newsgroups, mailing-lists, web sites, and research groups.

I want to thank the following people for their help.
[Many of them may not share my views or know about details of my projects.]

Hofstra University

Dr Gregory C. Levine (various questions in physics)
Dr Simona Doboli (theoretical neuroscience, neural networks)
Dr Sana Y Rabbany (biomedical engineering)

USENET newsgroups

a lot of discussions on neurosience with:
Dr Richard S Norman (all sorts of neuroscience questions)
Dr Matt Jones


a lot of discussions on mind uploading with:
Joe Strout (founder of MURG, proponent of freeze-slice-scanning)
Randal A Koene (research on whole brain emulation, parameter fitting)
Eugen Leitl (cryonics, nanotech, high-performance computation)
Jesse Burson (road maps)
Anders Sandberg (mentioned the concept of palimpsest memory in his web site)
Kieth Wiley
Algimantas Malickas (early proponent of soft uploading)
James Swayze (continuity, etc)
Ed Munchau (editing my drafts, etc)
Ben Houston
Siva ?
Eric ?
... et al

Web Sites

CHI Labs (info on Teflon-coated wires and BCIs)

I've also chat with these people re transhumanism:
Immortality Institute
Bruce J Klien (founder of ImmInst)
Peter Passaro (BCI research)
and many guests on the monthly chat hosted by ImmInst....
World Transhumanist Association:
Nick Bostrom (chair of WTA)
James Hughes (Changesurfer radio)
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the SL4 mailing-list:
Eliezer Yudkowsky (SIAI)
Michael Anissimov (SIAI)
Nick Hay (SIAI)
Ben Goertzel (Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute)
plus a lot of people on that list....

Graphics / Fonts

'UPLOADING' font (modified) from: Iconian Fonts (font = 'Alien League')
Anti-smiley face GIF from: cyberGIFs
'Under Construction' GIF from: IconArchive.com


Road maps are drawn using the diagram tool (GPL ware): Dia

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Jan/2004 Yan King Yin