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About Me

After receiving my diploma in Fine Arts at the "Liceo Artistico Statale" in Pescara, Italy, I attended art courses in ceramics, watercolor, bookmaking and printmaking in London, Oklahoma City and New York, where I concentrated on the study of Etching and Monoprinting under the guidance of reknown printmakers.

Influenced by music and modern wars, my imagery ranges from musical compositions to destructive war scenes which don't want to depict misery and terror, but want to raise people's awareness of the uselessness of war.

"Art is not the representation of the outward appearance of a given subject; it is selecting the subject's essence, accentuating it and holding it for the viewer's contemplation."

As I see it, there is no moment in which a painting comes into being directly on the basis of things seen. I look, I observe, and my brain attentively retains, by way of reflection, the things that move me or strike me.
Sometimes working from photos and memory, images are filtered through my emotions.
Then and only then comes the formation of the vision that I express through the artistic means at my disposal. Therefore, the result of the complex interaction of light, eyes and brain, shapes my own vision whose essence, regardless of its form, is an emotional bond that depends on external and internal factors. The results are varied, tending towards the abstract, sometimes completely free from abstraction.
Abstract painting is comprehensible to the eye of the beholder only when the beholder is capable of grasping the intended meaning expressed by the artist, or of forming his or her own vision of the seen painting.

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All reproductions of these original works of art are 1990-2002 material of Colleen Corradi and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the artist.