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My interest in watercolors grew in the last few years after discovering that the pale hues, typical of the watercolour technique, could become aggressive and could express emotions the same way as oil tints do. Abstract creations of figures in movement do not fade out, but stand out in order to create tention.

composition II
Composition II
56x56 cms

This watercolour painting shows my interest for strong impressions, and the connection between colours and my state of mind. The presence of a multiplicity of women is hardly perceived, while a central figure standing alone seems to summarize the composition as well as concentrate the viewer's attention onto a central, focal point. The warm colours in contrast with the sense of movement and distress of the violent strokes and abstraction of the figure, are soothing and relaxing, for they are the golden hue of a warm sun

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All reproductions of these original works of art are 1990-2002 material of Colleen Corradi and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the artist.