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For now, this index page is going to consist mainly of my favourite net places. (Hey, that's what web pages are for, right? I love playing follow-the-links, myself...) So, if you're looking to see what sort of stuff this wolfmom is into, click away. The furkids, both feline & lupine, are my top priority for sure...but I am into lots of other odds'n'ends,  as well.  :)
You know the old conversation-starter, "if you could go back in time and meet one person, who would it be"? This is my guy...H. P. Lovecraft.  :) He was rather an odd bird, in real life (now you'd never guess from his works, eh?  LOL) but someone I can relate to in many ways. Older literature, by well spoken writers such as Lovecraft, Mark Twain, Robert Heinlein, Hemingway, Oscar Wilde--or even further back, like Huysman's A Rebours, Voltaire's Candide, or the Satyricon--"does it for me" in ways that the modern stuff doesn't. (Add a bottomless cup of coffee, and I am content for hours!) I got the great pleasure of visiting "Lovecraft's" town (Providence, RI) recently, and I have to say, the man had great taste in haunts & hangouts. Providence was such a huge part of his life, & so influential on his writings, that true Lovecraft devotees should probably try to make the pilgrimmage to this town sometime if it's within their means.  ;)
Related to the Lovecraft thing, by way of starring in several movies "loosely based on"* Lovecraft's stories: my favourite actor, Jeffrey Combs. (*To some degree the "Hollywood Formula" annoys me, but at the same time, Lovecraft's work does not translate easily to film...nor does it contain much of the human-interest, gratuitous copulation &/or romance scenes, explosions, car crashes, & other stuff that "sells". However, if one looks at the films as an entirely different entity than the books, they're great fun in their own right. :)  Regardless...to me, Jeffrey Combs is a great example of is what acting is all about: he acts in a very demonstrative way, as the old time greats did. (They share a common advantage--a background in real theatre, where being expressive and dramatic was not a bonus, it was a necessity.) The fact that he mostly ends up in less-than- stellar, B-rated productions doesn't detract from his abilities in the least...in fact, it generally emphasizes them! He tends to steal the show in everything he appears in. (& that's my humble, non-biased opinion.  <vbg>)
I'm also a big fan of the folks from
"Strangers With Candy" and "Exit 57". Those guys are funny as hell.  ;)
Most of my pack doesn't much care for travel, and I have toned down my roaming greatly in the last few years because of them, but I still like to get away sometimes. MapQuest is my friend...nowadays I often use wolfie rescue transports or visits to other wolfparents or facilities as excuses to get out'n'about, but there are still those times I just have to take off for Nowhere. There's nothing like the open road sometimes. It's a freedom I take great pleasure in, and after I settle in, my mind reaches a quiet, introspective state that is excellent for everything from creating new ideas to resolving current dilemmas. Long, solo drives are good for the soul.  ;)
One of my biggest pet peeves with the human race is the overabundance of "not thinking, just reacting", and the under-usage of LOGIC. Logical fallacies abound, and I wish more people were aware of when their reasoning was unsound, so I am providing some air time to the important subject of logical fallacies. (How NOT to debate, here (funny).
I'm also not crazy about organized religion. Some are worse than others...but I don't think things can get any more personal than your beliefs in "what is", so who the heck is ANYONE to demand anyone else believe as they do? (Especially in light of that fact that NO religion is based on any sort of solid proof whatsoever, but simply on "faith".)  That said, I find the Hierophant's Proselytizer Questionnaire to be very humourous and quite accurate.  :) ~Side note for those who say "When in Rome...", a bit of research would lead you to the discovery that the USA was founded to get away from religious persecution of any kind, many of the founders were NOT Xtian, "God" was a recent addition to currency and the Pledge of Allegiance...the truth is out there, folks, but you won't find it on any group's agenda. All that aside, your beliefs are your business <g> Just allow me the same courtesy.
Science, on the other hand, I am very fond of...and something I spend a large portion of my free time reading & researching various facets of...especially psychology and behaviour, both animal and human. (Temple Grandin has some great stuff, check it out sometime.)  Howstuffworks is a very cool site for people like me who always want to know. I have a techie geek job...I love libraries and Google...I'm excessively curious and adventurous, & was the kid who asked "Why" to the point where my folks were ready to bop me one. Science is cool.  :)
This page will probably grow & change...like me...& everyone else.  :) Wanna email me? Try solowolf_93@yahoo.com   I especially enjoy hearing thought-provoking stuff, deep philosophical topics, weird science, original thoughts, the unusual or the bizarre.  <g> Thanks for stopping by!  ~Sue!
Along with science goes nature...I am a huge fan of nature stuff, be it learning about the natural world or just being out in it, in pretty much any form that may take. I keep my wolfy stuff on the main Solowolf site, I also have about a million canine links floating around if you need any, as cats & dogs have always been my closest friends, & something I love to search on Google.  :)  Speaking of cats, and techie-geek stuff, combined...this guy Dan has a way cool review of everyone's favourite computer accessory, the kitten. If you have a computer and a cat, his page will make you laugh.  ;)
Everybody likes "good" movies...it's just our definition of "good" that differs.  ;) To me, "good" generally means that the plot is original and thought provoking...quite hard to find nowadays!! I love horror movies, but not the same ol' slasher type or unrealistic monster...something deeper and scarier. [The Hannibal trilogy, Stephen King's Night Flier, The Ring, and the new House on Haunted Hill were cool horror flicks IMO...I also enjoyed Mothman Prophecies and Signs, though I doubt they are considered "horror"...they're just creepy.] Science fiction is great, IF the science is believeable...again, that's a rare find. [I thought "Jurassic Park" was great sci-fi--the science was real, it can happen...it did happen. "Flatliners" is another of my faves. I loved the CGI work done by Phil Cook of Eagle Films, in the movie "Despiser"...and let's not forget Giorgio Moroder's version of Metropolis!] I enjoy comedies, if the humour is intellectual...slapstick just doesn't do it for me. ["House of Yes" is a great example...I also love South Park...though I haven't had TV since 1994, and have to rely on DVD releases. <g>]  Favourite action flicks are Sundance-y things like Freeway, Truth or Consequences NM, or Very Bad Things.  I especially enjoy offbeat or hard-to-describe movies of pretty much any kind, and am always looking for suggestions on new, strange movies!....Am I hard to please?  Yeah, probably...mainstream entertainment is just geared towards a different audience. At least I have my books.  :) And music. My musical tastes are all over the board, but I am easily addicted to rock operas, like "RENT" or AIDA or The Grail.  ;)  I'm also a huge fan of Jim Steinman and, on a mellower note, "piano men" like Elton John, Billy Joel, Jackson Browne, Ben Folds, and Joshua Kadison..
Speaking of laughing, here are a few funny links I've collected. (Yes, my sense of humour is rather warped. View at your own risk.)
~~RENT (like Moulin Rouge, and writing, and many other things in life) goes better with THIS stuff. ;)