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Don't tell me you actually want to know about lil' ol' me. Really? Shucks, ok...

Let's start with the name of the site. This all refers to a lovely nickname my lovely friends Ava and Lily have given me, "31 Flavours", which alludes to my appreciation of the many wonderful members of the male people. Some say I have commitment issues but I respectfully disagree. It's not an issue, but a choice. Life's short enough, why commit and take out most of the fun? Not that relationships are bad, but there's no point wasting time being commited to someone you only have lukewarm feelings for, when you can have a blast while waiting for Mr. Right to show.

What else should you know about me? Physically I'm what polite people call petite. Ask me and I'll tell you straight up that I'm short. 5 feet and proud of it. I have a chaotic mess of long dark hair, that I can hardly ever tame and which you'll most often find bound back in a bun or ponytail to offer a semblance of control. I've been told I can give the evil-ist eye, so watch your step. But I'm nice, really. I'm horrendously afraid of scholastic failure which is ironic because ask my chem teacher, and she'll tell you I strive for it. Alas, I am not of a scientific mind. I can do the languages and history thing tho; s'matter of fact I'm planning to be Canada's next ambassador to somewhere cool. Maybe France...I think I'd do swell in Paris...
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About the Site
What will you find here? Not much admittedly, as I'm a tech tard in the truest sense of the word. But I got this far dammit, and I will get this computer thing down if it's the last thing I do! Stick around and you'll find some interesting things scattered about (although you may have to look for them): about my life and the people in it, the things I think and want to say, people I love, people I love less, and one or two other things I'll throw in for kicks.

Since I'm opinionated like you wouldn't believe, I'll also include reviews (on movies, books, people...) Just wait for the segment on Dubya (a favorite verbal punching bag of mine). It should be amusing.

When I'm not struggling to stay afloat in OAC chem, or when I'm temporarily lacking the motivation to work on Finite I'll be on and updating, so check back often.
These are the people I love bestest in the world. Some highlights are my baby cousin Luca who is my favorite little person in all this world, and Rebecca and Darian who are my favorite bigger little people. We also have my best friend Laura, and my other closest friends Maryam, Amy, Ava, Lily, Hana, Rabia, Jenn, Anna, Dan, Aaron, and all the others (you know who you are).
Most evenings out will find me running and singing down Yonge street (only if it's raining) or lurking downtown pretending to be an international spy, all with my best, Laura. I'm also quite likely to be found at the local Promenade catching a film, or getting dessert and flirting with that gorgeous waiter at the Pickle Barrel with Ava and Lils. When the weather permits, I'll be on Queen St. hitting the stores with Amy.

I love reading, listening to music (hip hop, R&B, dance, et. al.), singing, watching movies old and new (Audrey Hepburn's are a personal favorite), and dancing. So come hang with me when I'm at Palazzo and get down, you funky party weasel!
What's New
Since you last graced these halls...
11/30/2002: Oh wow, it's been a really long time since I updated this page. But I have news! Jarrod's coming to Toronto! I'm so excited. And naturally this will be just one excuse for the Queen's crew to get back, party, and get gloriously drunk. Now if I can only convince my parents to let him stay with us while he's in town. It would help if they even knew he existed...

I rented Ice Age the other day, it just came out on video. I was so excited! I watched it twice in the same night. I'd forgotten how good it was! Not!