Hello!! Ok since you have come to visit my site I think you should know a little about me! If you Don't want to know anything...just skip down to the good stuff!!

Ok..I am 19 years old, from New Jersey. My best friends Erynne and Ebony are the ones that told me about NSYNC. I didn't even know who they were until I went to their concert!! And it was great!! Since then I have been to 4 concerts and they were all amazing!! We don't call ourselves obbessed...we are "Extremly Enthusatic Fans"!

So I am showing my love for NSYNC by creating my very first website!! Please sign the guestbook and tell me what you think!!! ENJOY!!

The Picture pages are back up!! There are 24 pages so sit back relax and enjoy!!

*NSYNC will be on Rosie O'Donnel May 12.

*NSYNC will also be on 21 of the Hottest Stars Under 21 May 25.


My Men!! (I wish) They are just TOO Damn Sexy!!
Lance Bass and Josh Hartnett

FOR ERYNNE(my best friend and fellow Extremely Enthusiastic Fan)!! It is destiny!! Sorry he isn't wearing yellow, but he is still hot as hell!!

Some of Our Favorite Things about *NSYNC!

Bop Interviews with the Band!

Here what they had to say about themselves and each other!

My *NSYNC Sounds Page!! Quite a Variety!!

My *NSYNC Movie Page!!

So where are they going to be? Find out here!

All of the Lastest News About Your Favorite Guys!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the cutie.... Lance!

Everything you need to know about the craziest *nsyncer....Chris!

All you want to know about the god known as JC!

Everthing you need to know about the Italian Stallion....Joey!!

All the stuff you have been craving to find out about Justin!

See Pics Of The Guys!

Some of My Favorite *N SYNC Links!

Look I Won Something!!!



My *NSYNC Poll
Which *NSYNCER would you best get along with?
Current Results

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