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Islamic Freebies Mailed To Your Home!

The quickest and surest way to obtain a free Qur'an (Koran) and accurate information about Islam is to contact a mosque in your area. Go to Islamic Finder to find a mosque near you! If there isn't a mosque near you, you can always request a free Qur'an, Islamic books, and other Islamic information from the Islamic organizations listed below.

Please be assured, I have received free books and Qur'ans from many of the sites I've listed as offering these resources, and they did NOT later contact me via e-mail, snail mail, or by phone.

Many sites that send Islamic books by snail mail will send you more then one copy of each title you request, plus some that you didn't! You can give the extras to others!

Check back often for new listings! One or more links were added to this page on May 25, 2003.

NOTICE - Volunteers needed to distribute free Daw'ah brochures. This offer is open to Canadian and U.S. Residents. Click here for more information, Click here for Request Page

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Hard Cover Qur'ans - International Offer. Free Qur'an & Islamic Books. Click for the language of your choice. On the next page click "Free Books" on the left side of the page. On the order page scroll down and enter your mailing information. Check mark which package you want.

Send an email to E-mail: and include your name, address, country and a request for a free Qur'an. US Only Fill out the online form and click "submit". No mention is made as to weather this is an international offer or not.

For a free copy of the Quran (Yusuf Ali - English Translation) Mailed to you, please send an e-mail to: along with your name and mailing address. United States Only. For Non-Muslims Only. You will be asked to post a message saying you received the Qur'an at the Message Boards where this offer is located.

Islamic Center Of Beverly Hills - For free Quran in English or Spanish, and other Islamic books, tapes and Islamic T-shirt, please write to us at:
Islamic Center Of Beverly Hills
264 South La Cienega Blvd. PMB 1140
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
No web site - Offer limited to North Americans Only. Offers a free English Qur'an and 4 Islamic books. Offer for Non-Muslims only. - International Offer. Follow the instructions on the page to either call the toll-free number, or send an e-mail at the address given.

Muslim Students Association at Florida Tech - Free Qur'an and Brochures - Free Qur'an and Book about Islam (Send an email request)

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - United States Only. Qur'an in hard cover and on CD-ROM. Also gives 22 Cassette Tape set in vinal carrying case (Make request for Qur'an on CD-ROM or cassette tape in text box). Also has books. Has a package for New Muslims, and for Non-Muslims. - International Offer. Scroll down past the Arabic for the English instructions. Free Islamic booklets, pamphlets, and Holy Qur'an tapes by mail. Available in Arabic, English, French, Philippino, Urdu, Indonisian, Bangli, Indian, and Sri Lanki. - International Offer. Free Qur'an. Follow the instructions on the page by sending an email which includes your name, address & country.

Islamic Books & Brochures U.S. and Canada Only. Donate Islamic literature to the libraries and schools of your choice! The purpose of this service is to help individuals pick and donate books to their local school or library. United States Only. Free books for Non-Muslims. United States Only. Free kit - for New Muslims ONLY. The form must be filled out completely for your request to be processed. - International offer!. 16 Islamic brochures to choose from! Now order on line! English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

Discover Islam - International offer! Free Islamic books. More then 20 titles.

Free Books 4 U All - International offer! Choose up to 4 books in English, German or Arabic. Also has English and Arabic books for children. Temporally Closed. - Take a look at the list of books DIRECT LINK to free books list, and then place your order by mailing your request via the Post Office To: Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America
8500 Hilltop road
Fairfax, Virginia 22031

IPCI International offer! Non-Muslims only. The IPCI sees its role primarily to INVITE Christians, people of other faiths, and humanity at large to the WORSHIP AND SUBMISSION of the ONE, UNIQUE, and SUPREME GOD, with Whom none is COMPARABLE. So it is in the response to this that the Islamic Propagation Centre International offers you their services in the service of the Almighty Allah, by sending you free books no matter where in the world you live. Look at the book list and then click to go to the homepage. On the homepage click any of the "Order Now" links on the right side of the page. Request the books you want, include your name, address, and country. - International offer! Request a free copy of "A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam." Fill out the order form on the page. Takes about 1 month to receive.

Islamic Association of North Texas(IANT) is always pleased to provide churches, schools, and other interested organizations with free literature about Islam. Please call us at (972) 231-5698 or email us at E-mail: - COMING SOON! Free Islamic Literature. - Offered limited to North Americans only. Offers e Islamic books, and a free English Qur'an. Offer for Non-Muslims only.

Islamic Message Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a list of free books along with a snail mail and an email address. Send an email listing the books you want along with your name, address and country. Books are available in English, French, or Arabic - International offer! You can request any of the books and brochures on this site be sent to you by snail mail. Download and then copy and paste the order form into an e-mail. Fill it out and send your request. Your entire request may not be sent to you, it depends on available materials. Book List. Brochures List.

Islam Unveiled - International offer! Scroll down and on the right side of the page click "Free Books". You may choose up to 5 books from 20 titles - shipped world wide!

LAJNA - International offer! Free Books about Hajj, Umrah and Visiting the Prophet's Mosque - International offer! Free Islamic booklets, Pamphlets, and Holy Qur'an tapes by mail, scroll down past the Arabic for English instructions.

World Islamic Network - International offer! - Free Books - Scroll down and click on "Book Titles." Click on the book titles until you find one you'd like to request. Then scroll down and click on "Demand A Free Book For New Members." When you will receive the book in the mail, you will need to email the site a book report before ordering another book. Shipped World Wide. Pin Code on order form = your Zip Code

Recursos Españoles Libres De la Lengua

Traducción De los Pescados De Babel. - ¡Traduzca hasta 150 palabras o un Web page entero de inglés al español! - ¡Oferta internacional! ¡16 folletos islámicos a elegir de! ¡Orden en línea! Español, inglés, francés y árabe.¡ - Tiene folletos islámicos de la lengua española. Una copia de cada uno está libre. Una donación pequeña se solicita para las órdenes a granel.

Centro Islamico de Traduccionn (C.I.T.) Ningún Web site. ¡Oferta internacional! Snail mail esta organización para la información adicional. Ayuda a musulmanes de habla hispana a conseguir la información exacta sobre Islam. A cualquier persona de habla hispana que esté interesada en Islam, distribuyen la literatura islámica libre en español.
Centro Islamico de Traduccionn (C.I.T.)
terr de 21 robles. #6F
Somerville, NJ 08876
los E.E.U.U.. Los folletos españoles libres de la lengua incluyen el "Islam de El Concepto De Dios En", y el "Islam - En Un Vistazo."

Islamic Daw'ah Materials United States Only. Islamic brochures, bookmarks, bumper stickers. Receive free Daw'ah materials and be entered into a monthly contest! You don't need to be a daw'ah worker to receive the literature.

Institute of Islamic Information and Education (III&E) - Offers dozens of free brochures. Scroll down the page to "Spread The Light" and click on "Daw'ah Literature Order Form". The order form is in PDF format. Print it out, fill it out, and mail it in. Single brochures are free. A donation is requested for bulk orders. - International offer! Request free brochures shown on the page. You can order more then one. I've ordered as many as 10 each. Make great daw'ah materials!


The Islamic CD United States Only! Free Islamic CD for new Muslims. Also for sale to "old Muslims". I bought it myself and its VERY good! Profits are used for daw'ah. Contains over 200 Islamic books, booklets and brochures, full Qur'an recitation, more then 3,000 Islamic images and pictures, 22 Islamic screen savers, Al Fajr Dialer, Cyber Salat, Hadith of The Day, Hadith Software, Internet Companion, Islam Software, Islamic Calendar, Islamic CGI Scripts, Islamic Desktop Tools, Moon Calculator, Prayer Times, Qibla Detector. Quran in 7 languages. Islamic presentations such as This Is Islam, Discover Islam, and others! The form MUST be filled out completely or your request will be rejected. The date and place you made your Shahada may be verified before shipping.

Free Hamza Yusuf CD Click the link. Submit the email addresses of 7 different people who you think may be interested in our products, and we'll send you a Hamza Yusuf audio CD absolutely free! Offer is limited to the US only and takes 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Islamic Videos By Mail

- International offer! Free Video. For Non-Muslims. Send an e-mail to Put Videotapes_Request in the subject line. Then request a free videotape titled: Debates Between Christian Scholars and Muslims. Add your name and address and country. This video is in PAL SECAM format. The organization offering it will e-mail you to make sure that your VCR has that feature.

Free Video and audio tapes for non-Muslims. Scroll down to #5 and click on "Video - Audio TAPE ORDERING". An email will pop up. Give your name, address and country and make a request for the free video and audio tape offer.

Islamic Magazines & Newsletters

Free Magazine - Free sample copy of Al-Jumuah magazine by mail.

Al-Muslimah Newsletter
Al-Muslimah is a monthly newsletter (in Arabic) dedicated for the Muslim women in the west. To receive a free sample copy or to subscribe, contact IANA's office.
Contact information: Al-Muslimah P.O. Box 46243
Kansas City, MO 64134
Tel: 1-816-763-8589
No web site


(Items that don't currently fit into any other category.)

Free Islamic clothing patterns.

Internet Service The first free Islamic internet service provider in the U.K.!

Scholarships & Grants - List of Islamic institutes which may give free room and board for their foreign students.

Vegetarian Starter Kit - U.S., Canada, U.K. Get a FREE vegetarian starter kit by mail. Okay, so this isn't an Islamic freebie, but it's one that I found the link for at a Halal foods site and it's a goodie! COMPLETE REQUEST FORM IN ALL CAPS!

Free For New Zealand

Free Books for Local non-Muslims living in New Zealand Local Muslims can request books but there will be a postage and handling charge (around $4 up to 1 KG).