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Steffen Frost
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Steffen Frost
Hi, im steffen, welcome
Have a look round..... yeap you've seen it all now, may as well go home..., you are... ok to another site then.

    (the stuff above and below no longer makes sense as now there's plenty of stuff to do -i think)

i've now got
another page so strictly speaking you haven't seen everything just yet
i'm off to egypt for a nice peaceful break in a few weeks.
where exactly? take a look

roger faires' secret page

Dumdum boys
Not a favorite, but a link nonetheless:
My Little Bro (not yet enabled due to contractual difficulties)
if you've got stuff i can put in here, or selfishly want your own page (possibly out of jealousy to rog- hang on that's secret)mail it to me, and i'll do some stuff
Steffen Recommends:
The famous quotes from my mum.
My Mum and Dad.
Tore's hemlig side
my uncle
but really he's very brainy, with data machine og sont......
and real mean
if you know i'm online refresh the page now and then
The Framley Examiner -v funny check out the advent calendar eg dec 17,20,9, 23,13,6.... and all of 'em really
Some of the stuff is pretty subtle, be sure to read all.
you can play me at stuff at itsyouturn.com (im safrost) but its being a tad pooy at the minute in that it won't let me sign in....;~(
i've been suprised to find that my extended family could rival one any indian would be proud of...as proof the tree of my family is coming...or growing :-)

click a tree below to view
people don't realise that if you click on certain images throughtout my realm, you get whisked away to even more exotic locations.not that guy over there though, he's mean though i might do something with him  ( as in creating links-stop thinking like that richard et al- i assume "et al" means something like "and the rest of you dirty buggers")
My Mugshots
hey guys! find the guru and click on him!  they've got a new site, yess indeeed! its v nice! (weather for ducks....)
oh dear have a look at this quick    v. v. :-)
tarantino's "kill bill"
Pictures and stuff in here
hih, monkeys, monkeys
the onion
Touch my background guys!
Back by request- my theme tune!
les barker
GBA SP is here!
LJ GAME!!!!!
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