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UPDATED: Dec. 2005 - Quarter Scale accessories; "How to build the Me262", 1/48 scale accessories, etc. Look around!

Welcome to my scale model page! This page has the purpose of presenting historically accurate scale models of World War II aircraft, vehicles, and weapons. It is not to promote or glorify any ideology, politics, or war itself which is a horrible thing, but rather to display a certain aspect of history. Of particular interest here are British and German aircraft, some of which are presented in historically accurate vignettes or dioramas.

UPDATE: Jan. 2006 - Me262 HG I & III photos and review; & 1/48 scale armor page

Me262 Mistel


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"How to Build the Me262 in 1/48 scale" (UPDATED April-05-LOTS OF NEW STUFF!!!)

Click here for Me262 scale model photos NEW PHOTOS - FEB. 06

1/48 scale accessories and vehicles for dioramas(ALSO UPDATED Dec. 29 2005 - with lots of new stuff!)

My R.A.F. scale model collection - 1/48 scale NEW METEOR PHOTO-FEB. 03

"The Best of Both Worlds", diorama in 1/48 scale

Various dioramas in 1/48 scale, Panzer and Luftwaffe themes NEW DIORAMAS, in 2006

How to Build Dioramas in 1/48 scale

My Luftwaffe model collections - NEW PHOTOS, FE. 04

My Dioramas in 1/32 - 1/35 scale Combination

Click here for my detailed model list

Click here for info on the "Trimaster" line of models - List of kits, comments, etc

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Charles Lindberg's Ryan "The Spirit of St. Louis", with which he made his famous flight over the Atlantic. (Williams model kit, 1/48 scale, with "Prop Blur" photo-etches prop blades - available on

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