May 2001
The World
Hello friends, family & everyone
else!. Summer at long last is finally here. What does it mean to you?. Is it long lazy walks through country meadows, flicking idly through holiday brochures with your loved ones or flagging
down the nearest Mr Whippy van
saying"A double 99 please, with extra flake!"-ahhh, bliss.
Or, does it mean hayfever, making the most of the daylight hours by working longer or not getting a wink of sleep because young Nigel from next door parent's are away and he's got his college mates
round Bar-B-Qing?. Either way,
I'm sure however you decide to fill your summer it will be a good one.
If for this years holiday you decide to take a trip to Egypt but you find the lingo a bit daunting, then check out my
survival guide to Arabic. it has all the necessary translations the novice traveller needs to know complete with interpretations - Now there is no danger of you arriving at Heathrow airport with a confused look on your face, empty pockets,
A fez on your head and a stuffed
camel under your arm, that is
unless you want to...
Agami, where we live is getting geared up for the summer crowds now. In less than a month the population more than trebles which means plenty of sleepless nights. This however, is nothing new for me due to the many dreams that disturb me during the small hours. Check out
Professor Crackpot's dream diary for some of the more interesting ones.
Feel free to e-mail any hints,
advice or natural remedies that you know of that could help me get a good night's rest.
Thats just about it for this month - check out the
latest news
to see what our holiday plans are
So until next month, hope you have a great time and remember -
If somethings too good to be true, it normally belongs to somebody else!. Seeya later,

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