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the great unanswered questions
These are just things I've wondered during the course of the series.
  • Where is Plutark? Is it part of our Solar System? If so, is it beyond Pluto? Given the Plutarkians' Transporter technology, it would be easy for them to reside on a far-away planet and still travel to Mars, Earth, etc. in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Why is it that our heroes don't seem to have aged physically since they were Freedom Fighters? Although they're clearly less experienced (witness Vinnie's attempts at emulating the more skillful Stoker in "Once Upon a Time On Mars Part One"), their bodies and faces are virtually identical. Only Stoker and Rimfire show any signs of aging between the past and the present.
  • How much of the mice's spaceship is actually left? They were cannibalizing it pretty heavily in season two, what with the armor, the Alamo-style cover for the Last Chance Garage, the battle shells for their bikes, etc.
  • Just what in the Hell is Karbunkle, anyway?
  • Okay, okay, Modo, we know you love your dear-old gray-furred Momma, but where's your Dad?
  • Does Modo have some kind of Oedipus complex? (Hey, if nothing else, it'd explain why we never hear anything about his Dad, right?)
  • Doesn't anybody in Chicago ever wonder why Limburger has to keep having his Tower rebuilt?
  • Same as above, but substitute "Quigley Field Scoreboard" for "Limburger's Tower."
  • When the mice fold their ears up into hats, as in that episode that I can't remember and don't have on tape anymore or "Virtual UnReality", can they still hear?
  • Can Rimfire come to Earth and not get kidnapped?
  • Is it only male Martian mice who have that weird tendency to crash spaceships into the Quigley Field Scoreboard? Carbine did a perfect three-point landing behind the Last Chance Garage in "Seeds of Victory."
  • How in the Hell did Mace fit his gigantic shnozz into that mouse mask?
  • Where do the mice shower? In Quigley's home team locker room? Hey, betcha they've got a jacuzzi down there! Sweet!
  • Does Rimfire have a skunk stripe anywhere else?
  • Why does every alien race in the cosmos speak perfect English?
  • Why was Carbine showering in "Seeds of Victory?" Seems like someone's implying that something happened between her and Throttle...
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