This Is My Hybrid GT-R RB26 DETT 260Z
This car was originally purchased for $2500.00 which at the time i thought was a great deal. Lots of rust removal and lots of money later I probably should have waited to find a better car. overall im happy with where the car is now and where it is going. (except the amount of money i spent on getting it here)
This was going to be a quick liven up and l-28 and put some paint on it type project. It turned into a almost complete tear down and rebuild. As it sits now the drivetrain and exterior are done. I still have to finish installing gages and finishing up on alot of  wiring. Im also in the process of installing a
10 point cage. Gages will consist of autometer tach and electronic speedo, autometer liquid filled booste gage. Blitz water and exhaust temp. Autometer led Air Fuel Ratio gage.  
Here are some pics of the car before i torn into it It had a stock L-28 with a set of weber carbs from motorsport auto>>>>>>>>>>>>

The engine is out of an R-32 GT-
R and is bone stock with exception of the stuff below
this is a trust 2 core FMIC from a Japan spec silvia it flows really good.
Iginition, fuel, and timing is controlled by
SDS (Simple Digital Systems). This system Rocks and it kicks ass on everything else when you consider cost and what it does. the injectors are stock but i have 680cc injectors going in after cleaned and flow checked by R/C engineering.
Arizona Z Car coilover conversion, camber plates, and chromoly front and rear control arms

Best 1/4 ET 11.134 @ 120.67
BEST 1/4  MPH 11.2 @ 127 MPH
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This is my 1974 S-30 260z as it looked the day i bought it. then i bought some watanabes for it
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Motorworx Matt had alot to do with where the car is at now ..... thanks matt
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