Cedaredge, Colorado

Raising Trail-Ready Rocky Mountain Horses, since 2001.  Horses are all handled/trained by owner.
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We have 7  2 to 8 acre lots for sale in Eckert, CO.    Also, our 15 acre home farm in Cedaredge is up for sale Price:  $497,000 (Current appraisal value: $564,000)!  House, barn, arena, hay & equipment sheds.  Click here for more info/pictures!!
Our Home Farm is in Cedaredge, CO
Drastic Price Reduction:  $399,000!!!
Call/email for appointment to see the farm!!
Welcome to Jennifer's Stonehedge Farms, located in beautiful Cedaredge, Colorado (Gateway to Grand Mesa!).  Visitors are always welcome to see our horses!   We are invoved with the breeding, training and sales of the Rocky Mountain Horse.  Our central herd is mostly the chocolate body color with a lighter mane and tail.  The horses are also registered with KMSHA, and AGMA (an offshoot of the United Mountain Horse showing association).
Breed Characteristics:
:  Smooth gait, Good Conformation, and Gentle Temperment.  This breed is of a medium build, with sturdy bone structure.  They range in height from 14.2 to 16 hands, and can have any solid body color (the chocolate body color and lighter mane and tail being more "fashionable").  The gait these horses possess is a very smooth, ambling four-beat gait (lateral).  They make wonderful family horses, and are great on the trail.  Once you ride one, you'll be hooked!!   We've found that these horses have very quick minds, and are quite easy to train.  They really are a "people oriented"  horse, that can be your best friend!
I do all of the handling and training of horses at our farm (Bob rides only occasionally), and have had to learn about gaited horses from the ground up!!  We've had Rockies since 2001, and have come a long way with the breed---I've only had a handful of lessons from gaited horse trainers in this time!  Our horses are really shining these days!!  I really enjoy showing as another avenue to play with my horses...but I also love trail riding, and doing things liked judged trail trials (trail rides with judged obstacles on the course).  These horses are FUN!!  and they're also very dependable.  Even the younger horses seem to have a maturity beyond their physical years.  They are a must if you're looking for a gentle horse with a smooth ride!!
Joy & colt (by CD's Elixir)
Born 4-18-08 at around 12:05am
I just missed his birth by 20 minutes!!  This colt is exactly a year younger than his big brother, Felix.  What planning!
Jennifer & Snickerdoodles:  2007 CO NWHA Celebration
Won the OGB 3 Gait--Lee Ziegler Perpetual Trophy
We also won the UMH Trail Pleasure Championship at the 2007 North American Pleasure Gaited Horse Championships in Castle Rock, CO
We are proud members of:
Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA)
Kentucky Mountain Horse Association (KMSHA, Regional CO. Rep)
United Mountain Horse Association (I'm the SW Region Rep.)
Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH)
Colorado Horse Council (COHOCO)
Bob & Colorado Bambi:  2006 CO NWHA Celebration
UMH Trail Pleasure, Reserve Champion
Other pages on our website:
*MAIN HORSE HERD: Pictures and a bit of information about all of the horses at our farm.
*TRAINING: Some information about the way I train our horses, including a section on enhancing gait in our young horses.  Also, information on the differences between a "Registered" horse versus one who's "Certified to Breed"
*SHOW RESULTS: Information about various shows we've attended, and our placings. 
Join us at the shows & support the Mountain horses!!
Jennifer/Nikki & Johnnie/Jenna
2007 CO NWHA Celebration
Johnnie & Jenna won UMH Trail Pleasure Championship!
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Jennifer's Stonehedge Farms
Bob & Jennifer Nichols
P.O. Box 610
18207 Hanson Road
Cedaredge, CO  81413
Ph. & Fax:  (970)-856-4760
These folks do a WONDERFUL job, and
have lots of Rocky Mountain horse designs.