The latest version of Stotella, 5.0, is available here!

If you get an error, that means the site is down. By now, many people have this executable on campus as well -- talk to your friends!

Note: We were finally able to find good file hosting for Stotella. The download link should be working properly now. If you notice problems please email

The Readme for Stotella 5 is below:

Readme for Stotella, version 5.0

Stotella 5.0 is a major release. It was built off of an entirely new codebase, to allow for better stability, more search results, and compatibility with the as-yet-unwritten Macintosh client.

As it is built off of an entirely new codebase, there may be bugs. If so, and you can reproduce the bug, send a detailled email to to report it. If we can end up reproducing it, and it's a Big Thing, we might go about fixing it. Since this switch was motivated entirely to avoid the problems that were creeping up in versions 4.0 and earlier, please _don't_ email requesting things that _were_ in earlier versions; they aren't there for a reason! ;)

Feel free to play around with the .ini files that show up in the installation directory, but beware! Changing their values is likely to cause unstable program behavior. You've been warned.

Continue to share your files freely and responsibly! Enjoy.

-- Stotella Developers

PS If you are interested in creating a new/better Stotella client for Windows/Linux/Mac, email We'll get back to you eventually!

The Readme file for Stotella 4.0 is below:

Readme for Stotella, version 4.0

Stotella 4.0 is a major release, with improvements in stability while retaining compatibility with older Stotella networks. With a different protocol, it is ready to be interfaced with the new Macintosh filesharing client under development.

New Features:
Priority Class Management -- If a machine is using Stotella on a regular basis, performance can be increased by modifying this setting on the Advanced Network tab of the Advanced Config... button dialog.

Dynamic Update System -- When a new release of Stotella is out, an upgrade message will be displayed unobtrusively, leaving full functionality. You can make the decision to upgrade, rather than being forced to upgrade.

Website button -- Now the Stotella Website is merely a click away!

Bug Fixes:
A major stability issue was resolved pertaining to bandwidth control.

Readme for Stotella, version 3.3.7

Stotella 3.3.7 is yet another incremental update to the widely-used Stotella 3.3. It is fully compatible with hostfiles from 3.3.x clients.

New Features:
New statistics measured:
-- Uptime
-- Total Uptime
-- Searches per day

Restructured connections page to reflect uptime.

When you hit the 'Clear' button on the Searches tab, search status is no longer 'Searching...' (although sometimes incoming results may still be processed!).

Readme for Stotella, version 3.3.6

New Features:
*Much* faster connection time to the Stotella network.
Capability to handle up to 250,000 search results! (See Advanced Network Configuration
tab in the Advanced Config... button)
Capability to connect to up to 500 simultaneous users enabled. (Warning: may cause system
instability; use high connection numbers at own risk)

Building ID function was mistakenly identifying many buildings as Ytterboe! Fixed.

New Default Setting:
Stotella 3.3.6 is still fully compatible with the 'legacy' 2.x and 3.0 clients, but will no
longer connect to them by default. If you want to enable searching of these networks, you'll
have to enable it yourself, in the Advanced Network Configuration tab.

That said, enjoy! I think this release has some major improvements.

Readme for Stotella, version 3.3.5
Stotella 3.3.5 is an update to the widely-used Stotella 3.3.

-Fully compatible with Stotella 3.3 clients.
-Capable of receiving connections from, downloading, and routing searches searches through
the Stotella 2.x network.
-Compatible hostfiles with Stotella 3.3.

New Features:
-Statistics -- pretty numbers to look at.
-Smoother Upgrading -- In the event of a future release, a simple upgrade message will be
displayed, leaving full functionality of the client's searches. This will let users decide
if they want to upgrade, rather than force them.
-Active display of total current connections.

Keep Stotella as a helpful resource for finding files, by sharing your own!

Legacy Clients

If you prefer, you can download older versions of the program. While they may work, there are no guarantees! It is NOT recommended that you use these versions.

Stotella 3.3.7
Stotella 3.3.6
Stotella 3.3.5
Stotella 3.3
Stotella 2.1

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