What you can do with Punchcard #1

Fairisle, Tuck, Slip, Weave, Punchlace Lace Carriage,
2 colour Knit-in or Fair isle.  Front
2 colour Knit-in or Fair isle.  Back

This Fairisle pattern produces short floats so there would be no fear of snagging... So this would be a great pattern for Baby sweaters and blankets, socks,  or mitts. Both sides are equally usable  and if you used a heavier or textured yarn for the second colour it could be quite attractive on a cuff or a collar..
Lock card on one row. Knit 2 colours front
Lock card on one row. Knit 2 colours back
To create the stripping effect...Lock the card on one row... Changing the yarn in feeder A every few rows, but leaving the same yarn in feeder B,  causes the background to stripe as well . This could be used for the front band on a sweater or the hem of a tunic or sleeve, the top of a pocket in place of ribbing, as well as a neck band.. This is a fairly sturdy knit and again the floats are short so could be used in an all over pattern on a baby outfit or even a baby blanket... the back is not as nice but  looks like woven fabric...

This is the same as the pattern above except that every 4 rows I unlocked the  pattern Card and knit 4 rows and then locked it again and knit 4 rows... etc.
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