Dino Dines / Peter Dines (keyboards)

Fantastic keyboardist, he was the original keyboardist in one of my favourite bands ever, Keef Hartley Band. His real name was Peter Dines, but he also appeared credited with his nickname Dino Dines. He was born in Hertford, on December 17th, 1944.

First band I know with Dino is Wages Of Sin:

As I've said above, Keef Hartley is one of the finest blues bands I've ever heard, believe me! This was their original, first lineup: They started recording their first album, but they felt something didn't work. So they changed the vocalist. But they finally called the great Miller Anderson to join as vocalist and lead guitarist, in November 1968.

With Miller's voice, they release the fantastic album, Halfbreed, recorded in three days. Dino (here, credited as Peter Dines) co-writes half of the tracks in the album.

In the album, Halfbreed, there's a horn section to enrich their sound (mainly Hartley former bandmates in John Mayall band):

Once Spit James leaves the band, Miller Anderson takes the guitar role completely.

Dino Dines comes back to the band for a while.

But the new members don't stay long time in the band, and they leave the band in December 1970. The band release Overdog, still with help from Dino Dines (keyboards) and Colosseum drummer Jon Hiseman.

After releasing his solo album, Bright city, Miller Anderson assembled a band to make some concerts. Although he didn't tour, there are at least some sessions for the BBC in 1971. He called many of his friends that played in the album.

They performed 4 songs for those sessions: 'To whom it may concern', 'Shadows 'cross my wall', 'On the ship to nowhere' and 'High tide, high water'.

Around January 1973, Miller Anderson formed his own band with Mick Weaver, called Hemlock:

(scans courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

They released a self-titled album, Hemlock, with help from Pete Willsher (steel guitar) and Chris Mercer (sax). Buy they split soon. They toured supporting Procol Harum and Savoy Brown.

He was to join David Bowie live band, but finally, in November 1974, he joins instead glam band T.Rex, commanded by the great, much-missed Marc Bolan:

They recorded the album Bolan´s zip gun.

After an American tour, Jack Green and long-time member Micky Finn left in December 1974. This is the new band In January 1975:

Their new album was Futuristic dragon. But Tyrone Scott didn't last too long. Gloria Jones left the band in August 1976 to become a mother. And then, Dino recruits his great mate Miller Anderson:

They only released an album, Dandy in the underworld. With lots of guests: Gloria Jones (backing vocals, Marc Bolan's girlfriend), Scott Edwards (bass), Steve Currie (bass), Paul Humphrey (drums), Paul Fenton (drums), Davey Lutton (drums), and from Gonzalez: Chris Mercer (sax), Steve Gregory (flute), Bud Beadle (flute, sax), Colin Jacas (backing vocals).

Miller left the band to join Donovan for a tour. They carried on as a quartet:

But soon after, Marc Bolan's sad death happened in a car accident, on September 16th, 1977. Since that, dozens of post-humous albums have been released: some are live, some contain unreleased tracks, outtakes, etc. The original albums have also been reissued with lots of bonus trac

And then, I haven't known of any musical ventures by him for many years. He probably kept on playing sessions, but I don't have more info. Can anybody help, please?

As we can guess by the name, X.T.Rex was a sort of tribute to T.Rex. Miller and Dino Dines team with singer Darryl Read around 1993:

They played a British tour.

During the last years, Dino was usually making guest appearances with another T. Rex tribute band, called T.Rextasy, led by singer Danielz. I think there are some live recordings by the band, joined by him and mate Miller Anderson. Can anyone confirm me that, please?

And now, very sad news. On January 29th, 2004, Peter Dines died. Rest in peace.


1. I've read in a couple of books that he played with The Beach Boys. Can anybody confirm this, please?

2. Did he play with Donovan?

3. He also played with The Hollies and PP Arnold, but I can't find details. Help, please!

4. What was his relationship with the band Flasher? He appears in one of their albums (see below for the credit).

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