No, I don't speak German!

This is stuff about me. It's really not that interesting, but hey, what really is in this crazy world?

Info about me
My name is Mary (undisclosed). I am 19 years old. I am in my second year at Brigham Young University in fabulous Provo, Utah. I am currently a humanities major, but I don't know what in the rock I'm going to do with that degree, so I am thinking of changing majors, but I dunno to what yet. Some people just can't understand why I like stuff like that. Heck, I'm not even sure sometimes.

I am 5'2 and the shortest one in my family, even though none of my brothers or sisters are amazingly tall. I was born in Dallas Texas and I live in Grand Prairie (a suburb of Dallas)when I am not kickin' it in Provo. I drive a blue Geo Prism that goes and eats gas. We like to call it the "Spice Wagon". My friends and i like to call Grand Prairie the ghetto, because, well, that's what it is. I have a boyfriend named Joey . He also lives in Provo and works at this internet place called IDI building websites and stuff. He's a neat person, you would like him if you knew him. It snows here a lot, even in April, and I don't really like the snow. I've never been skiing because i have this fear of dying. I like mustard a lot- it's the best food on earth, even though SOME people don't agree with me, and you know who you are.

Music and the Like
I sing a lot of classical music, but i don't really sing that much now that I'm in college. I LOVE music though. My favorite band ever is Oingo Boingo. I even updated that page today. Hell must be freezing over. That page gets a lot of hits, there must be something interesting on it. Anyway, coming in a close second is Erasure (I saw them in concert twice last year.) There's just something about hot gay man singers that i like and when the straight man dresses up in a cactus I like the Spice Girls. I know, I know, I get crap about it all the time, but come on, they are actually pretty good once you give them a chance. You might be surprised. Other bands I really like are Pet Shop Boys, Dance Hall Crashers (they are the BEST ska band ever and it is the best show I've ever been to,) Tori Amos (who, by the way, my friend Alex is in love with), They Might Be Giants(also a rad live show), Moxy Fruvous- bet you've never heard of them but they are SOOOO good, and Morrissey. The last one is one concert that I almost got killed at because when the crowd rushed the stage, I got picked up and carried with them because I am so small.

My Main Hobby (Besides School)
I am an IRC geek. I use efnet and I go by the nick elfgirl or _mary_ or [mary]. You can usually find me in #boingo, going off about how much I love Danny Elfman. He's the best musician ever and the lead singer/songwriter for Oingo Boingo. Other places i ocasionally show up: #psb, #sanity-impaired, #aquabats. I'm not on as much this year though, I actually have a life! Yay!


Me--This is a nice one of me alone, looking a little too happy. Me with my recent haircut. Cute huh?
All cute and stuff for church as usual.
Me and Joey
Another of me and Joey
And yet another one....
Self-explanitory, but you still have to go 'awwwww' when you look at them. Joey does the dishes How nice of him.
Spice Girls!--Just play along with us- everyone else thinks we have problems too.
(p.s.- I don't look much like this anymore, I just haven't taken ANY pics in like 4 months. Sorry)

"My life is an open letter- tear it up- throw it away."- Danny Elfman, Fool's Paradise

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