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Ask Pineapple Head
Advice for the Finn-lorn, plus rock 'n' roll etiquette tips

Recurring Dreams
A guest columnist tries her hand at dream analysis

News Travels Fast
CHC's Queen of the Rumour Mill Katharine Malone with the latest from Finn Fandom

High Above The Kitchen
CHC's version of refrigerator art

Zen Roxy
A magic carpet ride through theWeb galaxy on the back of Private Universe

Drowning In Alcohol
CHC's resident beverage expert offers drinking advice to Crowdies

Separated at Birth
Meet Mark's identical twin

I DO Know What Tune The Orchestra Played!
This month's CH song sightings 

Finn Apparitions
And you thought the Mother Theresa sticky bun was spooky...

Not The Band They Think They Are?
Have your say about Crowded House 'Tribute Bands'

The Hairs On My Shirt
A column for pets with musical names


Confidentially Speaking

Letters to the Editor

There's A World To Explore

Issue #2 Contents


"Try Whistling This"

A track by track walk-thru of Neil Finn's first solo release.



Kiss & Tell (Part Two)

A CHC reader tells her story of the time she met a certain bass player face-to-face (make that lips-to-lips!)


Fiction: "Sonja and Neil" by Twister Cornell

Chapter Two: French Press or French Kiss?


Tear The Covers Back by Jack Wesson & Rexella Smith

Uncovering the secrets of those non-Crowdie tunes


Also in this issue...

New CH Confidential Contest!

We announce the winner of last issue's Kare Kare Kontest and invite you to plan Neil's Next World Tour


Neil Finn Art Gallery
Exclusive Neil Finn artwork based on three of his new songs!


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July, 1998

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