The Theory of Deconstruction/Reconstruction

All tKoL songs exist as very loose architecture - evolving building blocks of music. That's improvisation. These recordings all exist in their original form as studio improvisation sessions, live in the studio.

At some point in nearly every recording or performance, we unconsciously begin knocking down all these blocks until the music exists in its most simplistic and vulnerable structure. Songs seem as if they are falling apart (or tearing apart), barely held together by few notes or rhythms. Then, we start building the blocks up again until the orchestrational architecture is thick and robust, loud, full and full of kinetic vigor.

Sometimes deconstruction happens instantaneously, often deconstruction can last for minutes. But, when it happens, it's like an attractive whirlpool sucking at you.

The point at which maximum deconstruction occurs and reconstruction has yet to begin is called GROUND ZERO. We tear it down - we build it up.

Here are some notable points on One Fine Ride:

 Princess Bridge*  3:09
 Ruins of Pagosa*  entire track
 Whe're all the Kids in the Street?*  3:55-4:36
 I Like Smartbomb  2:15
 Tunneldump*  3:58
 Earl Flatt & Lester Scruggs*  4:58-5:03
 ButterPump  4:52-5:00
 BFP  2:05
 The Greatest Story Ever Told  2:27
   4:36 (a black hole)

*Note that "P-Bridge - Ruins - Kids" are one long studio cut, as is the "T-Dump - EF&LS" stretch.


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