Find your headphones, the Kingdom of Leisure has another new album!

The Kingdom of Leisure and Powder Monkey Music are proud to announce the debut of One Fine Ride, the second installment of the tKoL Tripgrass Trilogy. It is the much anticipated follow-up to 1997's critically acclaimed This is the New America, which established the Kingdom of Leisure as the "pioneers of tripgrass music."

On One Fine Ride, Ty Hardaway and Rich Walkling continue their musical and philosophical exploration of improvisational sounds and textures. While a stark contrast to the previous all-acoustic folk-inspired album, One Fine Ride is the logical progression for tKoL.

One Fine Ride is conceived and executed as a celebration of the arts. Guests from all over the country were invited to participate in a project where the process dictated the outcome. The product is a conceptual, improvisational and engineering masterpiece. The shape of the album is free and mysterious and diligently controlled.

Hop on and enjoy the ride!


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