Marcy Levy (backing vocals)

A member of Bob Seger Band in 1973, she joined Eric Clapton in September 1974, appearing in several albums. In August 1978, she left Eric to start her own career. But, some years later, she came back to Eric band in March 1984. She released some singles: 'Help me' (1980), 'Close to her / Waiting on you' (1982), as well as an album called Marcella (1982). Why this name? Because she changed her name to Marcella Detroit, when forming the pop duo Shakespear's Sister, until 1993. Then, she released another solo album, called Jewel.

During his stay in Clapton's band, she not only sang, but also cowrote some hits, such as 'Lay down Sally'.

Sessions (as Marcy Levy):

Sessions (as Marcella Detroit):
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