Solo albums: One of the finest lead guitarists I've ever heard. He can play every style, always with a great taste and distinction. Tim Renwick was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England on August 7th, 1949. His career has been in close contact with Pink Floyd; the starting point was at school, as Tim was there with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett.


This little known band had some great musicians that later got fame. Playing, at different times: Rick Wills (bass), Dante Smith (keyboards), Jerry Shirley (drums, later to join Humble Pie), John 'Willie' Wilson (drums). Tim played at the same time as Dante Smith:

Any info about them would be very welcomed!!
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Dante Smith


Next band by Tim is Wages Of Sin:

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Colin Freeman
Dino Dines
Vic Farrar
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Jerry Shirley

(Junior's Eyes: from left to right: John Lodge, John Cambridge, Mick Wayne, Tim Renwick, Graham Kelly)

Around 1969, Tim joins this fantastic band:

Other members of the band were John Redfern and Steve Chapman.

They released one album, Battersea power station, full of progressive music, but their most famous contribution was playing (Wayne, Renwick and Cambridge) in David Bowie's famous album, Space Oddity, as we'll read in the sessions page, because Tony Visconti was the producer for both acts.

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Mick Wayne
John Redfern
Graham Kelly
Steve Chapman
John Cambridge


After the lack of success of Junior's Eyes, part of the band was asked to back David Bowie for live concerts. The first known lineup is:

They recorded some sessions for the BBC in 1969 under the name David Bowie & Junior's Eyes. Soon later, they turned into The Hype, with John Cambridge suggesting his old bandmate in The Rats, Mick Ronson to join the band.. What a killer 3-piece guitar team!

In just one month, John Cambridge left the band, being replaced by the great one Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey (another ex-member of The Rats).

But after a short period, Wayne and Renwick left the band.

This period is quite unclear. Not long ago, it was announced an album with BBC sessions, and there is a track credited to David Bowie & The Hype, recorded in 1970, with this lineup (not including Tim Renwick): David Bowie (vocals, guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), Tony Visconti (bass), John Cambridge (drums).

Finally, after many years circulating in numerous bootleg albums, some of the Bowie BBC recordings have been officially released in year 2000. Bowie at the Beeb is a 2CD comprising 37 tracks recorded for the BBC between 1968 and 1972. Magnificent album, it was about time it was available to everybody! We can hear the best Bowie, and Mick Ronson never sounded better to me! The album contains two tracks recorded by Bowie with Junior's Eyes on 20/October/1969: 'Let me sleep beside you' and 'Janine'. The lineup is:

Other musicians featured in the album: Tony Visconti, Barry Morgan, Alan Hawkshaw, Tony Visconti, Steve Peregrine Took, Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder, Mick Woodmansey, and the lovely Dana Gillespie, among others.

By the way, the first edition of this album includes a 3rd bonus disk with a Bowie live concert from June/2000 (with the great Earl Slick).

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
David Bowie
Mick Wayne
John Lodge
Graham Kelly
John Cambridge
Tony Visconti
Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Mick Ronson


This was around 1970. The band was formed in Ladbroke Grove, London.

But Honk left very soon, and Tim teamed with Canadian guitarist Cal Batchelor, forming the first complete lineup of the band: They were the first group to play at Rainbow Theatre in London (supporting The Who).

Their first album, Quiver, was completed with help from great sax player Dick Parry. A superb album, it contains killer guitar duels (as in the great 'Killer man'), outstanding bass playing, and tight ryhthm on drums. Another great song is 'Reason for staying'. I wonder why this album is not released on CD!!

Their 2nd album is Gone in the morning, as magnificent as the 1st one. The self titled track, 'Gone in the morning' is a masterpiece, and I also like 'I might stumble' a lot.

But soon later, the whole band decided merging in late 1973 with Sutherland Brothers, forming Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, but Cal Batchelor decided to leave.

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Cal Batchelor
Bruce Thomas
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
John 'Willie' Wilson


As you can guess, Sutherland Brothers was a duo formed by brothers Iain & Gavin Sutherland. The new team consisted of:

Their first album as this new unit was Dream kid, produced by Muff Winwood (from Spencer Davis Group fame).

Soon later, the band is reorganized, leaving Bruce Thomas. Tex Comer came to play with the band for a while (he was still a member of Ace):

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

By the time of their second album, Beat of the street, also produced by Muff Winwood, Gavin handles bass duties.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

New changes for the third album, Reach for the sky. as Peter Wood leaves the band:

Produced by Ron & Howard Albert, it has the guest collaboration of David Gilmour (from Pink Floyd) on steel guitar.

Next album was called Slipstream. It includes the collaboration of Albhy Galuten (keyboards), a name usually associated with Bee Gees. This will lead Tim to several sessions, as we'll read... The album also features Flaco Pedron on percussion.

Tim and John left the band in 1976, after several world tours (one of them supporting Elton John), but they still played in a new album, Down to Earth. Recorded with lots of musicians and friends, we can find here: Tim Renwick (guitar), Mick Grabham (guitar), Ray Flacke (guitar), Andy Pyle (bass), Rick Wills (bass), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), John 'Willie' Wilson (drums), Brian Bennett (percussion, from The Shadows), John Shearer (percussion, later in Byron Band). After they left, the brothers returned to the name The Sutherland Brothers.

(click here to watch a bigger image, 96 Kbs)

Tim also appears in the compilation Sailing, named after their biggest hit, recorded when they were a duo (prior to join with Quiver).

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Iain Sutherland
Gavin Sutherland
Bruce Thomas
Terry 'Tex' Comer
Peter Wood
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
John 'Willie' Wilson


Still while in Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, Tim found time for touring in 1975 with Al Stewart:

Tim appears in 6 albums by Al Stewart, but we'll read about them in the sessions page.
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Al Stewart


Procol Harum had lost their guitarist, Mick Grabham, in May 1977. That marked the split for the band. But, the band received an award, and they were asked to make a live appearance. So, they needed to find a guitarist for that one-off show. The chosen one was Tim Renwick! This was October 1977. Some old members of the band also joined for an special lineup:

They also backed singer Julie Covington there. The award show was broadcasted on TV. Who has a copy?!!
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Gary Brooker
Alan Cartwright
Chris Copping
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
B.J. Wilson


Lazy Racer was a studio band, assembled by producer Glyn Johns. He mixed musicians from UK (Renwick, Spinetti, Markee) with American singers and songwriters (Kelly Harland, Bill Lamb, Tim Gorman).

Their first, self-titled, album, Lazy Racer, was followed by a second one, Formula 2, recorded with the same lineup, plus help from Pat Donaldson, and minus Dave Markee. There was filmed a video promo for one of the songs, 'Heart of hearts'.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Kelly Harland
Bill Lamb
Tim Gorman
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Dave Markee
Henry Spinetti


After appearing as a sessionman in Elton's A single man, he was asked to play in Elton's world tour in 1980.

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Richie Zito
James Newton-Howard
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Dee Murray
Nigel Olsson
Elton John


Tim joins Mike Oldfield for his 1982 world tour.

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Mike Oldfield
Maggie Reilly
Virginia Clee
Morris Pert


In February 1983, Gary Brooker was asked to play a live concert for Rockpalast famous TV program, and he assembled a band including Tim Renwick.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Gary Brooker
Tim Cross
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
John Giblin
Henry Spinetti


From July 1984, Tim tours with Roger Waters, with an great all-star lineup, promoting his album The pros and cons of hitch-hiking. Eric Clapton, Tim Renwick and Chris Stainton left the band after the first leg of the tour couple of months later, in August 1984. But they were to play together again very soon...
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Roger Waters
Michael Kamen
Doreen Chanter
Katie Kissoon
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Chris Stainton
Mel Collins
Andy Newmark


It's March 1985, and Eric Clapton is on the road again with this band: A great lineup. I remember I saw a concert on TV, back in 1985, and I was captivated by what I saw. Not only by Eric, but also by Tim. This was the 1st time I saw Tim "in action". They played great guitar duets. The video was officially released as Live 1985.

For a short period, they are joined by another keyboardist, veteran Peter Robinson:

Around October 1985, Marcy Levy is replaced by Laura Creamer:
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Donald 'Duck' Dunn
Shaun Murphy
Marcy Levy
Jamie Oldaker
Laura Creamer
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Chris Stainton
Peter Robinson


In 1987, when Pink Floyd comes to life again, David Gilmour thinks of Tim for live concerts. It's September 1987. After the tour is finished in August 1988 (almost a complete year!!), they released a double live album, Delicate thound of thunder (recorded at 18-22 August 1988), as well as a live video with the same title (100 minutes, 16 songs). Since then, Tim is called when the band is back on the road. I've seen several concerts by them, and Tim's work is really superb here! It was also broadcasted a special concert from Venice, Italy.

Oh, I almost forgot! The vinyl version has one track missing, 'Us and them', so be careful...

The band is not active all the time, so when there aren't tours, Tim keeps playing with many more people, as we're going to see. In 1989, they finished their long tour (they played in Spain in July 1988).

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Jon Carin
Gary Wallis
Rachel Fury
Durga McBroom
Margaret Taylor
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Guy Pratt
Scott Page


In 1988, When Tim finished his tour with Pink Floyd, he joined a quite different band, in terms of audiences. He teamed with his mate, the great Andy Roberts, who was leading The Tex Maniacs, a sort of reunion of friends. They didn't had an stable lineup, and musicians came and went depending on availability. These are some of the ones featured: For a while, they were joined by Mike Berry, the legendary singer from the 60s. But, after some months, everyone came back to other commitments, and the band never rejoined again.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Paul Riley
Ian Campbell
Bob Loveday
Al Stewart
Howard Tibble
Mike Berry
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Andy Roberts
BJ Cole


This is the band formed by Mike Rutherford (from Genesis). Tim joined them for their 1989 tour.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Paul Young
Mike Rutherford
Paul Carrack
Adrian Lee
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Peter Van Hooke

PINK FLOYD (again) 

A new European tour is scheduled from May to July 1989. The same lineup as in 1987, except one of the vocalists had changed.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Jon Carin
Gary Wallis
Rachel Fury
Durga McBroom
Lorelei McBroom
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Guy Pratt
Scott Page


In May 1990, when 10 years had passed since John's death, it was held a tribute concert. It was a long, interesting list of artists, but the list of backing musicians was also impressive:
Dave Edmunds (guitar)
Tim Renwick (guitar)
John Giblin (bass)
Jody Linscott (percussion)
Gavin Povey (keyboards)
Juliet Roberts (vocals)
Don Snow (keyboards)
Terry Williams (drums)
The Kick Horns
Andy Caine (vocals)
Sylvia Mason-James (vocals)
Anne Dudley (orchestra)
The artists and songs featured in the concert were (at least, these are the ones I have taped):

Michael Douglas (host)
Imagine - Elton John
Ticket to ride - Natalie Cole
I feel fine - Wet Wet Wet
Eight days a week - Lou Gramm
You've got to hide your love away - Terence Trent D'Arby
P.S. I love you / Love me do - Paul McCartney
Back in the USSR - Billy Joel
Nowhere man - Randy Travis
Isolation - Joe Cocker
Cold turkey - Lenny Kravitz
The ballad of John & Yoko - Dave Edmunds
Don't let me down - Hall & Oates
Power to the people - Al Green
Instant karma - Dave Stewart with Shakespear's Sisters (thus including former bandmate Marcy Levy), Bobby Womack, Tower of Power, Roger McGuinn and Candy Dulfer
Come together - Michael Jackson
Working class hero - Cyndi Lauper
Fame 90 - David Bowie
Give peace a chance - John Lennon (video)
Imagine - John Lennon (video)
I call your name - Ringo Starr with Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh
Help - U2
Help - Kylie Minogue
Help - Roy Orbison
Let it be - Ray Charles
Sean Ono Lennon

PINK FLOYD (again) 

On June 30, 1990, Pink Floyd acts at Knebworth Festival (a benefit festival with many big names: I remember Cliff Richard, Status Quo, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant (with Jimmy Page in some songs), Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Elton John. The special lineup for this concert was quite similar to the one in their last tour, but it includes some guests: Michael Kamen and Clare Torry (original featured vocalist in Dark side of the moon): Some time later, it was released a live album, as we can read in the sessions page.


I'm a great fan of this band. After splitting in 1977, they returned in 1991, and Tim was asked to play in the USA tour promoting the album Prodigal stranger, as Robin Trower wasn't interested in touring. This was around September 1991. But Tim left the band in December 1991, being replaced by another great guitarist, Geoff Whitehorn.

By the way, rumour has it about Tim Renwick appearing in Prodigal stranger album. At least, he worked on the demos in England. Has anyone more info about that?

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Gary Brooker
Dave Bronze
Mark Brzezicki
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Matthew Fisher


On December 28th, 1991, it was held the Amnesty International 30th Anniversary Concert. David Gilmour was the musical director, and he got some of his friends and colleagues for the band. They backed Tom Jones and Spinal Tap. The lineup was:

Most of them were known to David Gilmour (some were part of Pink Floyd live band; he had played with Jody Linscott in Deep End; and some others appear in Sam Brown solo albums, along with David).

On October 11th, 1992, there is another benefit event, at the Chelsea Arts Ball, with a stellar lineup, very close to Pink Floyd lineup:

Some guests appearing in the gig were Rick Wright & Nick Mason, plus Tom Jones, Hugh Cornwell (from The Stranglers), Mica Paris, Elvis Costello and others.

PINK FLOYD (again) 

In September 1993, Pink Floyd are asked to play in a benefit concert for a hospital. They agree to play there, and they appear with an unusual lineup (half Pink Floyd, half Mike + The Mechanics, I'd say!).

At the beginning of 1994, it's time for a new tour for Pink Floyd, in order to promote The division bell, where Tim also appears. The tour starts in March 1994.

Again, after the tour, it's released a double live album, Pulse, (quite peculiar, the album package has a flashing red light, blinking all the time). I think it was also released a live video, but I'm not sure. The album includes the complete live performance of Dark side of the moon album.

This tour was the 2nd time Pink Floyd played in Spain (July 1994).

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason
Jon Carin
Dick Parry
Gary Wallis
Rachel Fury
Durga McBroom
Claudia Fontaine
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Guy Pratt


As with Pink Floyd, this band is not active all the time, due to other commitments by main members. But in 1995, they make a new tour, and Tim is called again. The tour lasted until 1996. At this point, the band is a trio, as past members Adrian Lee and Pete Van Hooke are no more with them. But, they know how to choose great musicians to complete the lineup!
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Paul Young
Mike Rutherford
Paul Carrack
Gary Wallis


In June 1999, Alan Parsons played a benefit concert for the Nelson Mandela's Children Fund in Munich. This was the band that backed him: They also backed Ringo Starr, with the valuable addition of Jack Bruce on bass. Hey, has someone a videotape of that?!!
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Alan Parsons
Tony Hadley
Neil Lockwood
Dick Nolan
John Beck
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Stuart Elliott

Additional credits 

Apart than playing in tours with great bands, Tim spent three years working as resident guitarist in ĎThe Love Bandí on the Jonathan Ross television show (on UK Channel 4 Television) where he accompanied hundreds of visiting artists, from 1989 until 1991.

He has also played numerous sessions for TV commercials and TV incidental music and theme tunes.


Tim has recorded only one solo album so far. This happened in 1980. Tim Renwick was recorded with this lineup:
Tim Renwick (guitar, vocals)
Noosha Fox (vocals, from the band Fox)
Mo Foster (bass)
Charlie Harrison (bass)
Dave Wintour (bass)
Gary Brooker (keyboards, from Procol Harum)
Tim Gorman (keyboards, later with The Who)
Jennifer Jones (keyboards)
Mick Burns (drums)
Bruce Rowlands (drums)

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The album was produced by Glyn Johns, and it's fantastic. I love it from the first song, the delicious 'Members of the hard school'. Other outstanding tracks are 'Speak louder' or the lovely 'Alison's cold tonight'.

Singles from the album:

But, apart from this album, Tim also writes instrumental music for various music libraries which has so far generated over six CDís of his work. Some of them are:


Press here to read about Tim Renwick sessions

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Special thanks to: Steve Kennedy, for invaluable help; Christer Fridhammar, for the contact; Bry Carling, for his interest and support (dedicated to you!), Hermann Braunschmidt, for his valuable info on Gary Brooker and Procol Harum.

Thanks to: Alex Gitlin, as always, for help, music and endless scanning sessions for me.


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