The Girl Group Chronicles: The Biographies

The Angels
The Apollas
The Blue Orchids
The Bobbettes

The Bonnie Sisters
The Bouquets
The Breakways

Brenda & The Tabulations
The Bunnies
The Butterflys
Candy & The Kisses
The Caravelles
The Chiffons
The Cookies
The Delicates (East Coast) The Delicates (West Coast)
The Dixiebelles
The Dixie Cups

The Donays                       The Exciters
The Fascinations
The Honeybees
The Honeys

The Ikettes
The Jaynetts
The Jelly Beans

The Luminaries
The Marvelettes
The Murmaids                    The Orlons
The Pixies 3
The Raindrops
Reparata & The Delrons
The Royalettes
The Sapphires
The Secrets
The Sham-Ettes

The Shangri-las                  The Sherrys
The Starlets

The Swans
The Sweet Inspirations
The Tammys
The Three Bells                  The Toys

The Velvelettes
The Vernons Girls

Lesley Gore
Diane Renay

Ever wonder about the young women singing the songs we love? I certainly have.

In fact, learning about their careers' ups and downs, the stories behind the hits, and inspiring tales of making it to the big time (or at least having some fun trying) make the songs come alive.

In this section you'll find interesting bits of biographical information about some of the best remembered groups of the era, some groups you may not have known, and everything in between.

Most of the information collected in these biographies comes from selected books, liner notes, and in some cases, from members of the groups themselves. That being said, when you put together a complete story from various sources, there are bound to be mistakes here and there. If you notice a glaring error, please email so I can correct it.

Many thanks to wonderful music historians like Mick Patrick, Malcolm Baumgart, John Clemente, Alan Betrock, Don Charles, Ian Chapman, Sheila Bergel, Kieron Tyler, Jay Warner, Jimmy Crescitelli, Michael "Dock Rock" Kelly, John Rausch, all the great people at Spectropop, and everyone else who contributed in some way or another to this site and these biographies.


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A special thanks to some of the artists who have wrote to me commenting on this site or their profile. Katherine Anderson (The Marvelettes), Kaye Krebs and Debby Swisher (The Pixies 3), Barbara Harris (The Toys), Dawn Mann (The Chiffons), Diane Renay, and Barbara Alston (The Crystals). I'm still in the process of updating these bios to include or correct new information from these sources and others!

There are still hundreds of girl groups left without a profile on this page. Do want your favourite group profiled? Do you want to write a profile? Please email the author at