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36 Chambers

Wu Tang Clan

This is the first ever Wu album to be realese. i feel it is the best one out there. It has all the original 9 members in it. But Noodles is not in most of the songs. i heard that he become a member after Wu Tang was formed. This album is ful of dope ass hits plus pretty funny skits. Is is he dead,br>

RATING: 5 mics outa 5
Key Songs: C.R.E.A.M, Proctect Ya Neck, Method Man, and Wu Tang Clan aint Notin to Fuck with.(But all the songs are good but these are the best.
Featured Artist: None

Wu Tang Forever

This is the first Wu album i ever bought. And when i got it i thought it wasnt all that good. it took me a while and i found out that the album is all dope and it is worth spending 20 dollars on it. And the enhanced part is too dope

RATING: 4 mics out 5
Key Songs: All except 4 Black Shampoo
featured artist/s Cappadonna, Papa Wu, Tekitha, and Street Life

The Swarm

Rza Presents The Swarm

What better way to get people to hear the sounds and talents of the up and coming Wu Tang Family. This album has everything you ever wanted of a Wu album. Even though the regular Wu members arent found much on teh album the album is still good. But whats the deal with Gza, and Dirty. WHY AINT THEY ON THE JOINT??!! who cares though the album is still blazin.

RATING: 4 mics outa 5
Key Songs: S.O.S., The legacy, Where was heaven, And Justice For All, Bastards, Never Again, and Execute Them.
Featured Artist: The whole Wu Fam




This is GZAís first album out as a Wu member. It is one of the best solo albums yet. But i have one question about this album. Does GZA talk about the damn mob in every song??? i was told he did but iím not sure if its tru. I dont think so..

RATING: 4 mics outs 5
Key Songs: 4th Chamber, Shadow Boxin, I Gotcha Back,and Liquid Swords.(all songs are good)
Featured Artist/s:Dirty, Masta Killa, INS, Ghostface, Rza, Raekwon, U God, and Killah Priest

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Cuban Links

i dont really like listening to this album cuz it brings back bad memories.(remember AIDS???) But from when i did listen to this i thought it was aight. I heard that source gave it a 4 and a half mics for it.i wouldnt think it would of gotton that much in my book but its still a wu classic This album gave me the chance to let me hear Sunz of Man for the first time

RATING: 3 1/2 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Wu Gambinos, Ice-Cream, Shark Ni****, Guillotine, and Heaven and Hell
Featured Artist/s: GhostFace, U-God, INS, Meth, RZA, GZA, Masta Killa, Blue Ras, Cappadonna, Suns of Man,and Nas


Ghostface Killah

In this album i got to hear a lot from cappadonna. That time i did not know that much and when i heard him rap i started to like him. This album was the last to come out before Wu Tang Forever came out. It is a good album but its one of my least favorite. The key songs is one of the reasons i actually listen to this album. No offense to Ghost but next time iím hoping for a better album

RATING: 3 1/2 mics outa 5
Key Songs: All That i Got is U, Black Jesus, Daytona 500, and Fish
Featured Artist: Rae, Cappa, RZA, Method Man, inspektah Deck, Masta, and U God


Method Man

The most anticipated Wu album of 98 in my opinion. Just one bad thing though, was this album worth it? In my opinion its a 50 50 decision. What i liked bout this album is that Meth keeps his roots. But the bad thing bout it is that the album has too many damn interludes that makes the album drags and ends up getting put away, because of bordom. The only way to save this tape from not being put away is taping all the songs on to a tape and leaving the interludes out. THEN YOU GOT A BLAZIN TAPE!

RATING: 4 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Judgment Day, Make Ups to Break Ups, Dangerous Grounds, Spazzola, Play 4 Keeps, and Suspect Chin Music
Featured Artist: Streetlife, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Masta Killah, Killer Sin, INS, Mobb Deep, Redman, D'Angelo, Star, Polite, Left Eye, and Chris Rock.


Method Man

This album was the thing that got Method Manís popularity up. He is one of the best known member of the group. The only bad thing about that is cuz whenever someone says that Meth is thier fav person in the group then that means that they dont know anyone else in the group and Meth is gota be thier fav. You dont see anyone say that Masta is thier fav or U God cuz theyíre the least known members in the group. Face it its tru. but Meth is still dope

RATING: 4 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Tical, All that i Need, Bring the Pain, Realease Yo Delf, Biscuits
Featured Artist/s: RZA, Rae, and INS

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Bobby Digital in Stereo

Rza as Bobby Digital

Bout time that Rza drops us a joint. Being a Rza fan i was so pumped up bout hearing this album. The first album by the Wu that didnt get pushed back this year. Once i heard this album came out in Japan i knew that the US would be getting it soon after(Yes Japan gets US albums before it even sells in the US, and they in English) Rza comes out with blazin beats and makes the Wu elements shine. If you had no idea who the hell Rza is and you buy the album you would be able to figure out that Rza is part of the Wu Tang Clan. Overall this is the best Wu joint that came out this year. WHEN IS THE MOVIE COMING OUT YO?!

RATING: 5 mics outa 5
Key Songs: B.O.B.B.Y, Love Jones, NYC Everything, Holocaust, Kiss Of The Black Widow, and My Lovin is Digi
Featured Artist: Ol Dirty Bastard, Masta Killa, Killarmy, Method Man, Dr. Doom, Holocaust, Black Knights, Ghostface Killah, Tekitha, Royal Fam, and U-God.


Ol' Dirty Bastard

if you woulda ask me how i felt about dirtyís album a year ago.(thats when i bought it) i woulda told you it was the worst wu solo out. But now since i got to see how dirty acts in real life i figured out that he acts just like he does in his album. And the songs really caught on to me. DDDDIIIIRRRTTTTYYYY

RATING: 4 1/2 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Damage, Brooklyn Zoo, Protect Ya Neck 2 the Zoo, and Snakes
Featured Artist/s: Meth, Rae, GZA, RZA, Masta Killah, Buddah Monk, Ghost, Zoo Keeper, Murdoc, Shorty Snit Stain, and Sunz of Man

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Last Shall Be the First

Sunz Of Man

After monthes of delays Sunz of Man released their first album from the company Red Ant. This album is a must for Wu heads. I believe this album should have gotten more air time. Come on Shining Star is MTV material. Not saying that thats bad or nothing but i feel this album was the most over looked album of 98. Over then the Swarm.

RATING: 4 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Shining Star, the Plan, Collabroation 98, Natural High, and For the Lust of Money/Grandz
Featured Artist: Ol Dirty, Method Man, U-God, Earth Wind and Fire, Tru Master, and Raekwon.

Heist of the Century

La The Darkman

It took me a while to buy this because of the fact that it can no where be found in some places. All the cd stores i go to didnt have the album. but once i saw it and had money i bought it. This cd was worth the cost. The only bad thing is that this album aint got no recognition. Only the true Wu Tang fans have listened to it. But this album is what every wu tang cd should be. Blazin....

RATING: 4 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Shine, Spring Water, Street Life, and Element of Surprise
Featured Artist: Killa Sin, Raekwon, Masta Killah, U-God, Ghostface Killa, 12 o'clock, Tekitha, Havoc, Maia Campbell, Shotti Screwface, DJ Rodgers and Puff

Heavy Mental

Killah Priest

After guesting in classic wu joints you would think that this rapper would one day have his own joint. When listening to this album you cant stop to think if Killah Priest is very religous or something. Cuz this priest be rapping bout god and the bible. It seems a little too preachy. Other then that KP pushes the lyrical wieghts and shines in his debut album.

RATING: 3 1/2 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Fake MC's, Tai Chi, B.I.B.L.E, One Step, and Cross My Heart.
Featured Artist: Fellow Sunz of Man partners, ODB, Tekitha, Gza, and INS.



This is the first Killarmy album out. I didnt buy this album until probably a little bit after a year. When i first saw this album it was around the time Forever came out. i wasnt sure what the wu tang records meant. A year later i bought it and its was worth it. Killarmy is 9th Prince, Killa Sin, Pr Terrorist, Beretta 9, Shogun Assason, and Islord

RATING: 3 1/2 mics outa 5
Key Songs: Dress To Kill, Wake Up, Wu Renegades, Full Moon, and 5 Stars
Featured Artist/s: Hell Razar and Noodles

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The Pick, the Sickle, and the Shovel


This album is so cool cuz it really helped me with all my problems a long time ago. but it also brings back bad memories. Well i heard this album out in the mall and later found out that RZA was part of the group. That was a main reason i bought it. From right when i listen to the album for the first time i really liked it. Every song is dope! And it really gives out a posistive message in all the songs.

RATING: 5 mics outa 5
Key Songs: All
Featured Artist/s: Sunz of Man, Shabezz and Omen, Tru Master, Blue Ras, and 9th Prince

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