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Just got the new CD cut, it is called 'Sampl-Her.' There are two covers available, one generic, and the other a very nice depiction of a young lady...anyways. We are speaking now with another mastering company to really work with it. The ADAT broke again, and we don't have the money to get it fixed yet. Check out the MP3 page, it has eveything from the new CD on it! Later.


Well, Unit's wife is pregnant for the first time. Congrats Unit! Anyways, the band and studio will be moving out to an office location in the not-to-distant future. This will help out also with recording other bands. More room means more equipment. The new promo pak went out last week after the Pub show, and we are getting some great feedback on it. We'll let you know, YOU FREAKS!


We have hired a full time manager, Julie Laird, and she is doing a wonderful job getting in touch with venues and such. It really helps all of us out seeging that none of us has the time or drive to get with bar managers and setting up shows. Vertigo has been doing some recording at our studio. Not much else going on instead of us writting some more hard tunes for a new set list. Later!


Well, Orbit 420 (Mark and Greg's side project) has kinda disbanded. Ishy (drummer) is heading back to California. This will give us more time to write and get organized. The studio is back up and running in business, which makes us all happy. Still working on the new CD. Later!


Well, we just got the ADAT back and are recording again.  What a wonderful thing!  I think we are all taking a little break from planning shows.  Mark and Greg are doing things with Orbit 420 on the side.  Greg has been recording bass lines with a Jamacian Band from KC with Jackson Associates.  Things are good.