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The Story



"Drummer Wanted"… After a long spell of playing around with a drum machine, we realized we were getting nowhere.   Yes, we missed our original drummer...a little bit.

Along came Aaron, and that was the final piece to the puzzle.

Within six months, we had doubled our set list, recorded a demo in our home built studio, and scheduled our first shows. Thus, the madness began.

Since then, we have played clubs, bars, parties, benefits, driveways, St. Louis BBQ’s, in the rain/mud, heat and the cold…and with injured limbs and pneumonia. But, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


When we are not playing shows or building a fan base, we practice like clockwork, recording ourselves (and other bands) in our ever-growing studio called "The Pink Womb: Where Music is Born."

For fun we hit the local venues—not just to get tanked—but to catch as much live music as possible. And meeting new and interesting people already in the industry is always a plus.


Our goal is simple: To get back to the community that raised us, and provide a brighter future for the next generation…