Me. Alo! U can call me fayie, at least this is the nick I will be using for this homepage, it sounds nearer to my idol and more frinedly. I was a "inwards" person and never like to listen to music, even radio program, until oneday...

Making of My Idol. About three years ago, I watch the HK Top Ten award, where for the first time I fell in love with music, an inspirable voice sang bu an HK artist named -- Faye. I still remember at the show, which was not Live, that the marvelous woman wear a transparent evening gown with enough elegant to catch my whole attention. For the first time, I realise that there are such inspired melodies and soul-warming voice. I instantly drown into the unspeakable song and I found my true love for music, her music, faye's music. The song was "Easily Hurt Woman". That's the first song I heard from her, whick made me choose her as my one and the only idol. The idol I never regret for having until today...

First Album. Di-Dar, was the first album I buy, but not he first album I heard before. Before that, I borrow some faye's cassettes from my frineds who share a common idol as me, and once again her songs touch deeper into my feelings and love her even more. I listen to all the songs over and over again and I like album "Hu Shi Luan Xiang" the best at that time. Sometimes, I feel like buying all her album from the very beginning but I don't have enough money. So, I decided that I will buy up all her every single album when I started working. Argh..... can't wait. After Di-Dar, I buy most of her album, all in cassesttes, because I don't have a CD player, too bad...But now, I have a computer with CD-Rom, so I manage to get her latest CD, "Cheong Yau" or roughly translated as "Sing Play". I listen to it everyday, even now.

About Faye. In some sort of way, she is "perfect". The best part of her is not just her songs and voice, but it's the combination of her music and her style. Just a split second I fell in love with her song, I noticed that she had a very special style, a style that make her stand out from every other artises, a style that is a combination of idependent, simple, outstanding and TRUE. Everything about her was not just the surface, but very much more into depth. For example, some of her not so famous songs, I found it not so good when the first time I listen to it. Then, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I felt nearer to the songs, and it seems to have become part of my feelings, my life. At last, I will end up to like every single song she sang. This is a very strange phenomenan that I can't really explain very well, but it's a strange feelings that u can feel, just feel... I can't put the feelings in words. That's the best part in enjoying her music, which never make me get fed up with her songs, but even like it more for the everytime I listen to it.

More about Faye. What more can I say about her? She is an angel that give me great enjoyment in life. She is someone who will always try for something new, someone who can manage herself well. She had changed for many different styles in her albums, and tried many superb attempts in her music. No matter what style she put on herself, it still look great, or somestimes just good, but sometimes it's more than outstanding. She always wear something may seems strange, but certainly suit her well, not something that's wierd and don't match her, I admit, she is good at potraying her image.

Personalities. She had a very original and "straight foeward" personalities. What do I mean? She is a woman who are not afraid to tell the truth, the express her true feelings, not just telling lies in order to satisfied the public or other people. When she wants to criticise something, she will criticise; when she felt that her personal life is being intrude, she will retaliate in her own words. She does what she thinks that should be done, no what other people thinks. Her personalities, although it seems simple and "should be" practised by all, but I admired it, because not many people manage to act as what she acted, including myself, sometimes. I admire and at the same time, envy her, for breaking the boudary of our social life -- "to say what we think should be said". Sometimes, it really make me wonder how can a person like her can survive in the world on entertainment, especially in HK, can made it to become the best in the whole Asia. Yet, sometimes it doesn't surprise me, if I would like her music, style and personalities, the are bound to be many others who feel the same as me.

Music. Many people can her a Canto-Pop Queen. Some says she sang pop songs and alternative. I can't categorized what type of songs she sang, but all I know is that I like her songs, and that's good enough for me. Before I knew her, I never thought I will get a chance to hear such "unspeakable" music. Just great, or more than great... or... even more than that.

Popularity. When I first knew her, I donno she was very popular. Now, all I know is, she is VERY popular. She was more than once voted as the most popular female artist in Asia. To me, I really don't care about her popularity, I just care about her and her music. If we really like her and her music, even smething "bad" happen to her *touch wood* (just an asumption), we will still love her and support her. She will always be the queen in our heart, for those who don't like faye, just ignore this line.

Summary. If I have to use just one word to describe her -- I can't -- because she is a combination of many things, something may changed, and some will still remain the same. If I want, I can write more than 10 pages of pure text about her, but I don't want to strain your eyes. This is just some simple facts abou her and what I feel about her. If u want more, search for it or u can ask me, okie? BTW, there are a lot of fayenatics out there, seek and u shall find. She is not a buzzword, she is not a short-term trend... she is just a simple idol, a real Idol.

Lastly, "Faye, Wewish u to be happy forever".


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