"How do you expect me to answer that..."
"I haven't change; I won't change!"
"Music is already a language of its own."
"Music is my interest; not my career."
"Say I'm cool to all things."
"What kind of effect or result it has, should evolve naturally. Whatever effect it will have, it will have."
"This is a character problem; not a attitude problem"
"Boredom is my most unbearable emotion"
"If I have to say something then I'm sure it wouldn't be complete"
"And when one day I quit...I will have no regrets"
"I was shaped by others; I was a machine, a dress hanger. I had no personality and no sense of direction."
"Being restless is almost a universal human condition"
"You agitate to reach a certain kind of status quo.Once you achieve that, you agitate to change again. It's a never-ending process."
"I just want to make what I feel is good music"
"But who says I don't care. It's just my personality!"
"Refuse to answer!"
"I like it, even if it's not perfect; it's my own face!"
"I need to satisfy myself first before satisfying the audience"
"I know this place too well...it's where I feel completely relaxed."
"We're all human--do what you think will make you happy"
"Sometimes we have to change and improve ourselves."
"Huh? Huh? Huh?"
"I of course have my own principles that I count on to determine what I do and what I don't do."
"My actions...don't know why seen odd to many!"
"I'm just an ordinary BeiJing-er"
"I have always been like this..."
"I want to fly to freedom"
"This doesn't need to be taught. Is in the movies!"
"There is never right or wrong in love"
"I'm the kinda person who don't need people to interfere into my life."
"We all have to do our best!"