A bunch of people I know who I think are pretty cool.

Last update: October 11 2003

Featuring poems by Robin McNicoll.

Immediate Family (in order of oldest to youngest)


Dad with my nephew Hunter (Dad's the one on the upper right)

Dad lost his hair at a young age,

From running to the train station,

Too fast.

    My Dad is a pretty cool guy. His hobbies include taking pictures with his digital camera and collecting CDs (he's got over 1000 of them). He works at Royal Bank and gets there using the GO train. He's not completely bald yet but his hair is very short. He has glasses, like me, but unlike my glasses his are old people glasses for super blind people.


Mom writes books for children,

She does not own a hen.

    As the poem says, Mom is an author. She's written lots of novels for children and teens.  These include award winners such as Bringing up Beauty, Walking a Thin Line and Caught in a Lie.  Mom has one green eye and one brown eye. I have two green eyes but people still say I look like my Mom. I think it's because we both have brown hair.


Craig on a film shoot in Thunder Bay

Craig (pushing truck) with Hunter (riding truck)

Craig is a film student,

Yet he is not an egg.

    My brother Craig just graduated from the film program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. He made some fabulous movies including The Second Best Policy and Love Puzzle. Watch for him at the Oscars. I've been watching Star Trek: TNG with him since we were little and he laughs at the NeXt JENeration.  Craig enjoys Godzilla movie, Melonie Doane, Madonna and Women & Songs.  He's 21 years old and is quite tall. He has blue eyes and he has brown hair that used to be blond so it's not as dark as mine.


Robin looks good in yellow.

A pretty bird singing in the tree;

Can you hear her?

    Robin is 19 years old.  She has a super cute 2 1/2 year old son named Hunter. Robin goes around town doing funny bits (check out her website: www.angelfire.com/pro/bits) She is the funniest girl I know for sure.  She is starting an improv team at her school, I'm so proud of her, I know she will be famous one day. Robin is in an awesome band called "OHHHH WE ARE SOOO SLUTTY".  Robin goes to Mohawk for advertising, and she can dance...OHHHH man can she dance, she has one several dance competitions including one at Hess Village (see picture up there!^^).   Robin wrote all the poems about all the people on this page. I thought they were funny but most people don't understand them.  Even though Robin had a baby she is still slim and beautiful. Her blond hair gets blonder and blonder ever day. Oh, and she really does look good in yellow.


Hunter is a lot of fun ter have around,

But not while you're at the pound.

    Hunter is the cutest baby in the history of time. He was born on my dad's birthday (May 7th) and he's 2 1/2 years old. Hunter loves Shrek, Lilo & Stitch, and trains (or choo choos as he lovingly calls them). He's so smart he can put the tracks together all by himself!


Sputnik is such a great dog she has her own page. Click here.

Sexy Boys (whom I love)


I didn't meet him in Chatham,

But I met a nice waterslide.

    Adam is my sexy sexy boyfriend.  He is tall and that is good. Adam went to Mohawk for graphic design and now he works at a sign place. He has his own business where he makes beautifully designed webpages, business cards, flyers, etc. for reasonable prices (If you want to get something designed go to www.pixelworks.ca for more info).  I modeled the character of Captain Filipowicz after Adam. Although the real Adam Filipowicz has never been to outer space (unless you count Planet Poland), he's exactly like Captain Filipowicz in every other way. Adam has an older sister named Julie and a golden retriever named Cody. I love Adam a lot.

Good Good Friends (in Alphabetical order)


Amy is very exciting,

But to see her you don't have to pay a fee.

    Amy has been my bestest friend forever. She goes to school for accounting at Laurier (all the way in Waterloo!).  Amy likes to take lots of pictures but unlike Dad and Adam she doesn't have a digital camera.  Amy used to collect pigs but now I think she's bored of them.  Amy has pretty curly hair and is pretty tall. She has a younger sister named Stephanie.


 Eireann is the egg man,

Eireann is the walrus,

Ca cou ca chou.

    I met Eireann about 3 1/2 years ago. We both take Art an Art History at Erindale and Sheridan.  Since then everyone has assumed that we are the same person.  Here is some evidence that we're not: Eireann watches Buffy and Angel, I watch Star Trek. Eireann has tattoos; I don't. Eireann has a six-year-old brother and a seventeen-year-old sister; I have a twenty-one-year-old brother and a nineteen-year-old sister.  Anyway Eireann is a pretty cool girl so it's okay if you think I'm her.  Eireann is living in Alberta now, working at a fancy schmancy hotel deli.

Here is a picture of me and Eireann. More proof that we are not the same person. Eireann is the one wearing the flower and holding the etch-a-sketch.

Becca&Drew (Also Good Good Friends in Alphabetical order)


Becca goes to McDonald's,

But so do I,

So what the hecca?

    I've know Becca since kindergarten. She is still as cute as then. She likes Barenaked Ladies and her pet rats. Becca lives all the way in St. Catherines.  I modeled the character Acceber from episodes 7 and 9 after her (Rebecca spelled backwards). Becca is pretty like Acceber but she's not evil. She knows lots of stuff and is good at listening and giving people advice. I met Adam at a party at her apartment so I owe her lots.


Don't be confused,

his name is not Data.

    Drew is Becca's boyfriend. I've also known him since kindergarten (although Drew & Becca didn't start going out 'till they were quite a bit older). He likes Medieval stuff. He studied graphic design at Mohawk with Adam and now he's studying Medieval stuff in St. Catherines. I also owe Drew lots because the party where I met Adam was a birthday party for him. Drew is better known to NeXt JENeration fans as Werdna the dashing (yet somewhat evil) knight.

Scottish Girls (One more Good Good Friend)


Here's Carol with her bf. (She's the one on the right).

Carol lives in Scotland,

And when she eats lots of turkey,

She gets really full.

    Carol is my farthest away living friend.  She lives in Scotland.  We've been e-mailing each other since we were like 15 (Carol knows the exact dates). Carol had a little sister, two kittens, and a boyfriend who she's madly in love with.  I met Carol (like in person) once when I went to Scotland. She has an accent and everything. I have to go back some day to meet her boyfriend and cats. Or Caz could just come to Canada since it's her turn.


Disclaimer: If you're not on this list it doesn't mean you're not my good good friend or part of my family. I just got tired of typing and my sister had a hard time coming up with a fabulous poem for you.