Oberleutnant Werner Simon
FPN- 57846-E-D-C-A (“Field Post Number“)
Born: 7-18-1921
Place of Residence: Gottingen-Gann. Gronerstr. 39
Gottingen, Germany (Near Hanover)
What it looks like today:
Date of Death: 4-7-1944
Oberleutnant Werner Simon rests in a war grave in Orglandes (France).
Final grave situation: Block 14, Grave 265
Service Record (as known, so far):
He served in the German 7th Army, 265th Infantry Division, 894th Grenadier Regiment, and was CO of 10th Company. They fought in 1944 in Bretagne, in St. Nazaire and Lorient.
(Thanks to Hans Wiijers/Axis History for this)
The 265th Infantry Division: Composed of the 894th, 895th, 896th Grenadier Regiments, 265th Artillery, 265th Fusilier, 265th Tank Destroyer, 265th Engineers, 265th Signal, 265th Replacement, 265th Divisional Supply.

Home Station: Halberstadt, Wehrkries,  XI

The 265th was sent to Quimper, Brittany in the summer of 1943 to exchange personnel with the 65th Infantry, since unit integrity was not an issue. In the fall of 1943, two of its’ battalions were sent to Russia (one from the 894th, and the 895th). Later, a battle group from there was sent to Normandy and subsequently destroyed. (This may be the company of Lt. Simon) Other elements were reported to have fought at the siege of Brest, where they were destroyed on September of 1944.

The bulk of the division was surrounded at Lorient, on the Brittany Peninsula, during Patton’s dash to Brest. The Allies surrounded the division, leaving them unable to escape, and isolated until the end of the war.
(More to come as information is updated)

Division Commanders:
Lt. General Walther Duvert. (June 1, 1943)
Major General Hans Junck (July 27th, 1944)
Oberleutnant Werner Simon's Diary
Recoverd by my Great Uncle, Sgt. Charles D. Edwards on July 7th, 1944, close to the Lorient, along with a "Winterschlact Im Osten Medal", and a Nazi Armband. Only "Lt. Simon" is legible on the front.
Below is the first page of the diary, with FPN #.
Lt. Simon's entries in the Diary start on March 22nd (though placed in the March 31st spot) of 1944, and go on until July 3rd, 1944. Good News is here!
Oberleutnant Simons Diary entries have been TRANSLATED.
Version #1:
English (with Explanations) Version #2: German (w/o Abbreviations)
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