This Diary Page contains all the entries from Oberleutnant Werner Simon, during World War 2.
(From March 31st, 1944 until July 3rd, 1944)

It is my pleasure to bring you these with the help of the
Axis History Group, and a good man named Ralf.

Without These Men, None Of This Would Be Possible.
Oberleutnant Werner Simon
Feldpostnummer: 57846 E – D – C – A (Field Post Number)
A = Battalion
C = 10th company
D = 11th company
E = 12th company

For help with German ranks, please look at this:

The German Version of this Diary is HERE

31. March
Leading into the assembly area for a counter attack. Premelin Qu 14.15.19, Phone call from the regiment: As O I to the Regiment, afternoon commanded to 10th company GR 894 as company commander. With B-Krad picked up from Pont Croix. Oberleutnant [1st Lieutenant] Kuhnen commanded to Zossen. Cléden.

(He was involved in an exercise at the location Qu 14.15.19 (Coordinates) when he got a phone call from the Regimental Headquarters saying that he will be promoted to the HQ as 1. Ordonanzoffizier (O I). This promotion was later changed into company commander of 10th Company Grenadier Regiment 894. He was picked up by a motorcycle with a sidecar (Beiwagen=sidecar, Krad=motorcycle, B-krad). It seems that his predecessor (Olt. Kuhnen) was commanded to the town of Zossen (south of Berlin with Army training school, High Command of the Wehrmacht). Cléden is the village where his 1st platoon is situated and where he will be accommodated. It is 40 km north-west of Quimper and 40 km south of Brest, in Brittany.)

1. April
Takeover and Introduction
cutting fingernails

(He was briefed about his new company, and cut his fingernails)

2. April
Controlling the patrols
Visiting the other platoons:
III. Platoon Goulien
II. Platoon Beuzec
Allocate the locations for the building of bunkers
Two meals in Beuzec

(A Grenadier company has three platoons, each platoon around 50 men. The platoons were at differend locations: 1st Platoon: Cléden, 2nd Platoon: Beuzec, 3rd Platoon: Goulin. The men have to build bunkers. )

3. April
Stabsveterinär [Veterinary surgeon] Dr. Waltermann
Questioning regarding Grenadier [Private] Imping. See report! With B-Krad from the Gast to Beuzec. Very good dinner. Return journey through Goulien!

(Grenadier [Private] Imping is in trouble. Leutnant Simon started the questioning about his matters, maybe he talked with the Vet Dr. Waltermann about it. He drives with a motorcycle, which belongs to the Gast (Grenzaufsichtsstelle des Zollgrenzschutzes = German customs post, responsible for controlling the fishing boats ), to his second platoon in Beuzec where he had a good dinner (he is the new boss). When he drove back home, he came through the village of Goulien where his third platoon is situated.)

4. April
Paperwork the whole day long! Report.

(He wrote a report perhaps about Privat Imping. )

5. April
Horse cart ran off.
22:15 - 00:15 questioned Imping at the orderly room.
Sent some men to get some things.

(Questioned the private for two hours.)

6. April
Haircut. Goulien in the afternoon.
Horse cart ran off again.

7. April
Good Friday
Entrenching work in good progress.
Permission granted for the second group of soldiers for holiday leave.

8. April
Afternoon: “4 bunker friends”

(Not clear if this means a play, a movie or friends of his.)

9. April
Went by chance to Qu 12 for the purpose of establishing contact and reconnaissance of the assembly area.
NCO´s shooting training
Stabsfeldwebel [Staff Sergeant] Marquardt, Leutnant [2nd Lieutenant] Dräxler
Canteen: I had a “Mammoth” Coffee à la Hotel de la Baie Trépassés.
22:30 went back home at full moon. (tipsy)

(For the most places Lt. Simon uses army abbreviations/coordinates such as Qu 12, Qu 78, Point 7, etc.)

10. April
Easter Monday
The French rural population is working. I made a walk to the Buvette with the cross at Point O7. A beautiful look over the ocean with its whitecap waves.

(A “Buvette” is a rock in the sea covered with scallops. )

11. April
13:00 Drove with the B-Krad to Pont Croix to 11./894, to Pors Peron (Qu 78) Exercise with our weapons. Beuzec, Goulien – Cléden.
Permission granted for a wedding in Beuzec.
Walk to Plogoff into dangerous terrorist area.

(He is using the word "terrorist" for French Resistance Fighters)

12. April
10:30 Movie “Pedro Muß Hängen!” Stayed at home because of the rainy weather.

(German movie “Pedro Has to be Hanged!”. A sort of western, filmed in 1939 and showed for the entertainment of the troops. )

13. April
In the afternoon at 14:00 went to Goulien on horseback. After that to Point 7 au bord de la mer [at the edge of the sea]. Shooting training together with Gast. 100 meter prone position free-hand. 7,8,10,10,12.

(He is riding along the beach to Point 7. He joined in the shooting training and noted his results.)

14. April
Grandmothers birthday.
Much trouble: the beds in Guengat were already picked up by a Luftwaffe unit. New journey to Quimper. Confiscated a sewing machine from a tailor. Much ado about nothing!

(The beds, probably for his men, are gone. That means that Lt. Simon has to do a lot of paperwork again. Later he has to confiscate a sewing machine. He gives his resume of the days events with a citation from Shakespeare.)

15. April
Saturday: Officers meeting in Quimper! Chambre de commerce. 9:45 arrived in Esquibien to pick up Oberleutnant [1st Lieutenant] Nickel. From there with a car to Quimper. Military library.
Officers meeting from 14:00 – 18:30.
Task: Adjutant of the Commander enemy forces.
Left at 19:00.
Arrived at Cléden at 20:30.

(The Officers meet in Quimper in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce to do a tactical exercise. He was the assistant of the commander “enemy forces”. Before that he went to a library for German soldiers. )

16. April
Two punishments.
Stealing and slaughtering of a calf.
Hairdresser: Haircut! Washed. Back home in the afternoon. Received a visit. Eaten an omelette.

(He disciplined two people, not clear if this concerns military or civilians. )

17. April
Horse mustering
Hauptmann [Captain] Müsser, Hauptmann Esser = new C.O. III./894. [third battalion of Grenadierregiment 894]
C7  the two bearing mast will be blown up!

(A German infantry Regiment (not motorised) used many horses –therefore the horses were checked regulary by Vets and Officers. Hauptmann Esser is the new Commanding Officer of the third battalion  of GR 894 – also the new “boss” of Lt. Simon, as his company belongs to the third battalion. It is planned to blow up two masts at the location C 7 which where (or can be) used for bearing, maybe lighthouses.)

18. April
The Oberst [Colonel] was here for nearly two hours. (asked me: which company of the regiment I have been in, I liked most!)
At lunchtime Oberleutnant Kreitig arrived (up to now Adjutant to the Commander of Lorient (Oberst Kaumann). At 14:15 we leave for C7 to watch the exercise of the first platoon. After that we left for the third and second platoon. 26 years old, married. Lock, stock and barrel [In Bausch und Bogen].

(The Colonel and C.O. of the regiment visited Lt. Simons company and asked him an astonishing question. That proves that he was a visiting company commander. At lunchtime Oberleutnant Kreitig arrived and Leutnant Simon showed him the company including an exercise. Kreiting is 26 years old and married. Presumingly he is future company commander. )

19. April
Paperwork until lunch time.
Meeting with Oberleutnant K. who will be on holiday leave from 20.4.
40 Liter Gasoline.
Afternoon: I drove with B-Krad from the Gast (Zollsekretär Scheuecker) to Goulien and Beuzec.
Promotions and instruction of the men. Best bunker building: Stabsfeldwebel Schmeck from second platoon.

(He met Oberleutnant Kreitig again, probably to continue the briefing about the company. After that Kreitig will go on holiday leave. The motorcycle was on loan from customs officer Scheuecker.)

20. April
The Führers birthday
Promotions within the company. Presenting of K.V.K. first and second class.
10:00 Oberleutnant K. left.
13:30 Pointe du Raz. Movie (Die Große Nummer)
Officers: Hauptmann Frenzel, Leutnant Eymann, Leutnant Noack

(Some soldiers were presented the War Merit Cross, first or second class. It was common practice to do this on Hitlers birthday. Oberleutnant Kreitig left. There was a movie at the Pointe du Raz accommodations called “Die große Nummer“. A love drama about animal tamers.)

21. April
Wrote till 0:20 on the material for the instruction lessons. After that Alarm for the company as enemy bombers flew over the coast.
Raid (Razzia) in Pont Croix at 2:45. Back at 6:00. Sleeping from 7:15 – 11:00.
Attended the shooting exercise of the first company in the bay of C7.

(The German forces did a raid on the village of Pont Croix looking for resistance fighters.)

22. April
Raised the Alarm at 0:30. 1st Platoon was ready at 0:59! Cleared up the company!
Met the C.O. of the battalion at Qu 14. He was already there at 14:00.
(17:00) Qu 18 Training with heavy weapons.
Hauptmann Esser, OZM [Oberzahlmeister] Kröger, Oberleutnants Nickel, Hagener, Breckow, Leutnants Dräxler, Simon.

(He raised a “test“ alarm for the 1st platoon. As it lasted too long he “Cleared up the company” which speaks for itself. In the afternoon some Officers were instructed in the use of heavy weapons. Oberzahlmeister = someone who is dealing with money within a Regiment, Officer rank. (Paymaster)

23. April.
16:15 – 17:00 instructed the 3rd Platoon in Goulien about the Law of War. Walked there and back.

24. April
With the bicycle to the 2nd platoon in Beuzec. Lessons: Chemical warfare agents.
Got some meat and mutton tallow from the butcher.
Excellent Bunker building!

25. April
Feldwebel [Sergeant] Hachstein from III./894 inspected the weapons.
Hauptmann Esser: establishing connections with Qu 11. So far in the area of 10th company only Qu 78 and Qu 12.
Too many Unteroffiziere [NCO´s] (exchange NCO´s)
French fries
No end with slandering

(A sergeant from the battalion checked and counted the weapons. Lt. Simon wonders about too many NCO´s within the company and is fed up with the slandering, perhaps from the NCO´s. )

26. April
Shooting exercise of the 1st platoon.
My horse (Liese) scraped a wall while galloping. I injured my left kneecap.

27. April
Service schedules. Started with collecting material for the lessons. The Colonel and the Vet attended my lessons for the company. Everything was all right. Ban on leave?

28. April
Two men to Quimper to pick up 40 Liter Gasoline. Together with Luftwaffe! Left early for Plogoff. 5 Men for leave !?

29. April
14 – 16 Uhr Qu 18. Instructions: Hauptmann Ketelhaste, Oberleutnants Hagena, Breckow, Michel, Leutnants Kiepe, Dräxler, Simon.
Inspection of the Horse stables.

30. April
Date: Time schedule for the 1. of  May!
9:00 Issue of orders for all NCO´s of the company, after that NCO´s shooting training. Writing letters in the afternoon. With two riding horses to the Baie de Trépassés.
17:00 Meeting at Qu 14 with Oberleutnant Nickel (Secret Field Police and SD)

1. May
Woke at 3:30 Date: 339/44 secret examination! Marched off to Plogoff. Raid. Total Disaster.
Field service, Chaplains Huck and Lang.
14:00 Meeting of the company commanders in Esquibien.

(Preparation and execution of a raid against French Resistance Fighters which ended with no results.)

2. May
1st Platoon shooting exercise at C7. My motorcycle is on strike (as usual)! Gefreiter Fuchs back from Paris. 450 Gramm white wool, 30 Liter Gasoline, 1 light motorcycle.
In the afternoon: Walk along the coastal road. Shooting at C7. Questioned the Guards at 0:20: They were shooting at seagulls!

(Private Fuchs came back from Paris where he perhaps “organized” a couple of things for Lt. Simon. Maybe Fuchs was his Officier´s servant.)

3. May
3:00 Alarm 1st and 3rd platoon. On the way back I had to push the motorcycle. I ordered something to drink in a binette. Towed away by a horse.
Post arrived at last!
22:15 – 0:25

4. May
Movie canceled because of technical reasons. (späte Liebe)
Hauptmann Fink, Leutnant Eymann controlled the company and the command. Watched the exercise of the 3rd platoon (man against tank)
22:40 Alarm raised at the Beuzec platoon with the addition of Gas alert! 16 Minutes. Back home at 0:10.
Oberfeldveterinär und Intendanturrat of the Division.

(The Company was checked by two Officers.
In the night he raised a false alarm to test the platoon.  After 16 minutes the 3rd platoon was ready. He mentioned two Senior Officers from the staff of the division: The Chief Veterinary Surgeon and the Officer responsible for supply and victualling. (Quartermaster/Supply)

5. May

6. May
Officers instructions at Qu 18.
Hauptmann Esser, Oberleutnants Breckow, Nickel, Leutnants Kranz, Dräxler, Kiepe, Simon.
I shot with the 5 cm KWK.

(The Officers where instructed in the use of heavy weapons. Leutnant Simon shot with a 5 cm cannon (Kampfwagenkanone)

7. May
Sunday! Ingaleins birthday.
Afternoon: Invited to the Luftwaffe.
Picked up Oberleutnant Breckow at Qu 18. Heavy drinking. Mammoth drinks. Left 4:15 at Esquibien, back home, eaten something

8. May
…. and slept till 12:30.
Phone call from the Division: 9.5., 11:00 Court martial “Imping”!

(After he recovered from a party he was informed that “Imping” is going on trial for court martial in Quimperlé. )

9. May
6:25 with motorcycle to Quimper. It is awful cold in the early morning. Arrived 7:20.
With express train 8:13 to Quimperlé. Breakfast in the restaurant car. Imping 8 months in jail! 14:10 from Quimperlé, after having a “cheap” dinner at the O.T. [Organisation Todt]
Obergrenadier Siedentopf = complete nut!

(Lt. Simon travelled to Quimperlé to attend the court martial of Private Imping. He was sentenced to 8 month imprisonment. After having lunch at a Organisation Todt messhall (Organisation mainly responsible for the building of military bunkers in the occupied countries) he went back to Cléden.) 

10. May
Oberleutnant Kreitig has to come back from his holidays.
Movie presentation from the Gast.
With tooth ache to Quimper! 2 x 3 hours with the bus. From Plogoff. Leutnant von R.-F. Soldatenheim Hotel de l´Epée. Apéritif. Glace. Calf´s liver.

(For unknown reasons the future company commander 1st Lt. Kreitig has to cut short his holidays.)

11. May
The General announced his visit.
Audierne, Esquibien to Oberleutnant Nickel.
Pont Croix: empty! 11th  Company:?
Beuzec: Stabsfeldwebel Schmidt. “Rommelsperre” Qu 78.
Fotos ná plus
Omelette, liver, semolina pudding

(Rommelsperre or Rommel's asparagus were poles/pylons placed in large amounts on open ground to prevent gliders from landing. )

12. May
Pointe du Raz: “Ich vertraue Dir meine Frau an“
Announced new dress order. Catchword: “Preparation for Battle!”
Gm. F.E.42, Hautentgiftungssalbe.

(Movie showed in Pointe du Raz is called “I trust my wife to you” from 1943. Some unknown abbreviations and the word for skin decontamination ointment. )

13. May
Playgroup “Zaubertöne“
Gerhard Hoffmann from the city theatre Göttingen. Two wonderful cheerful hours. Officers training. Qu 500.
3 Luftwaffe Officers, Oberleutnants Breckow, Nickel, Hauptmann Esser. Leutnant von Renke-Fink, Simon, General – Fest – Müller (Oberleutnant at the Division).
The chain of the Motobécane was torn apart.

(Entertainment from a group of actors playing something under the motto “Magic Tones”. One actor is from his home town of Göttingen. Officers training and again problems with the French motorcycle.)

14. May
Having a bath in the villa
In the evening Oberleutnant Kreiting with K.V.K. I. Class back from holiday.

(Oberleutnant Kreiting, who had to short cut his leave, returns with a new decoration on his uniform. He is wearing the first class of the War Merit Cross. It was worn on the left breast pocket. )

15. May
To all three platoons

(Oberleutnant Simon checked on soldiers.)

16. May

17. May
The mayors of the 3 villages.
Operation Glider Landing Zone.
Potelaux, Vicyclettes.
Case mate 23:10 – 0:45 Uhr
On the alert.

(The mayors, perhaps from the 3 French villages where the platoons of 10th company where situated, were briefed or received orders regarding the “Rommelsperren” for Operation Glider. )

18. May
Ascension Day
“Rommelsperre” at Qu 78 is finished.

19. May
Exercise together with the men of Gast. “Counter attack of a Platoon”.
Nothing important.

20. May
Afternoon Qu 18 Audierne.
Had a bath.

21. May
Muttertag! [mother´s day]
To the Headquarters of the battalion for a gas protection course.
In the afternoon with the Express train to Le Mans. In the evening to Stabsarzt [surgeon major] Dr. Schultes.

22. May
24th Wedding day
Lazarett Le Mans

(24th wedding day of his parents.
He is now in the hospital of Le Mans .)

23. May – 1. June Hospital

(For one week he stayed in the hospital of Le Mans.)

2. June
Discharged from the hospital
Movie “Der Maulkorb”
Splendid lunch
11:02 departure
0:20, 8 hours late
Soup, potatoes, roast veal, roast, green salad, white mushrooms, strawberries, 1 Glass of  1897 wine.

3. June
Arrived at Quimper 18:30
Stabsarzt Dr. Weik, Schwester Gertrud
Stabsarzt Wüst, Schwester Friedel
Strawberry punch
Hotel de l Épée 0:40

(He mentioned two Doctors and two nurses.)

4. June
5:15 Awoken
5:49 to Douarnenez
Gig 9./894 to Beuzec
Beuzec – Cléden heavy drinking

(It seems that he is no longer in charge of the company.
Presumably he is saying farewell to the platoons and a neighbouring company.)

5. June
Oberleutnants Risch, Pingel, Breckow
Cheeky Budenzauber
Broken Alarm clock
Lobster in my Pajamas
No sleep because I had to fight those terrorists

(Some fellow Officers came for an improvised party (Budenzauber) which left him with a broken alarm clock and a lobster in his pants.
After that he was involved in actions against resistance fighters who tried to confuse the German troops as the invasion started.)

6. June
2:40 Harry 50
Alarm in full swing
Two hours sleep
Farewell to Gast
Farewell to 10./894
Promoted to the “Führer Reserve”
C.O. gives me a pair of breeches as a present. Strawberries, cake and coffee
Regiment Headquarters: Colonel …..

(It seems that Leutnant Simon got his promotion to the “Führer Reserve” just when the invasion started. “Führer Reserve” means a pool of Officers who where ”parked” until further promotion to a unit. The promotion of Leutnant Simon was cancelled later as he moves on with his old company, maybe because he was more familiar with the company.) 

7. June
The Battle group goes into action
III./894 moves to the assembly area,
Meeting room with General Düvert

(The fighting group (unknown group of units) is going into action. The 3rd battalion of Grenadierregiment 894 will move to its assembly area, which is near a small village on the Cotentin peninsula.
There was a meeting with the C.O. of the 265th division, Generalleutnant Düvert, who presumably said farewell to the Officers.)

8. June
Leaving with K.O.M. [K.O.M = Kraftomnibus]
Colonel Coep
Driving route: Quimper, Coray, Gourin, Rostrenen, Gouarec, Laniscat, St. Mayeux
Very good accommodation: fried eggs, bacon, butter, white bread, cider, milk.

(He left on a motor bus. )

9. June
from Laniscat (0:45) – 12:00
Questioning of the company sergeant major of 9./894
The gearbox of the kitchen car was broken.
Had a good meal: white bread, good butter, drank hot milk

10. June
Itiniac ab 0:45
9:30 crazy fighter plane attack. 12 English fighter planes at low level.
3 dead, 4 injured.
I lost my complete equipment (coat, linen bag, storm baggage), see list.

(They marched during the night. In the morning planes attacked them, leaving 3 Soldiers dead and 4 injured. The car/cart with his belongings was obviously destroyed, because he lost everything.)

11. June
Yesterday at 23:00, after repairing a motor bus I moved on with 45 men from Ineriguy, Chérence, St. Pois, Le Gast to the forest of St. Séver.
Arrived 4:00. The rest of the company arrived 11:30 (leader Stabsfeldwebel Schmeck)
Found accommodation in the straw of some farm houses.
Roast veal, fried potatoes, cider, milk, 2 fried eggs

12. June
I had the first good sleep for a long time. Still in the forest camp of St. Séver. Have the enemy fighter planes seen us? Sacked the advance commando!
Sent a message to the next of kin of the fallen soldiers.
Oberleutnant Kreiting 1 bar of chocolate.
23:00 marched off to St. Séver.

(The soldiers from the advance commando, usually preparing the accommodations, were sacked and integrated into 10th company.)

13. June
Forest camp – stocks of ammunition, Fontenermont, St. Autin de ...., le Buirron, Montbray, Percy, many planes, Soldiers very tired, very good accommodation at a farm, some men confiscated shirts, socks and towels for me. Company left at 23:00, vehicles at 0:30.

14. June
I am driving at the front of the column with Feldwebel [Sergeant] Eickelmann. We left Hauptmann Ketelnate and do our own navigation. We arrive at 6:00 after passing Cerisy, Camprond, St. Aubin du Perron (16 km to St. Aubin). Only at 13:30 we move on (without 2nd platoon, grenade launchers and machine guns) ???  Périers, Verly, Gerville

15. June
Bois de la Poterie. Neufmesnil, First parts arrive at 0:30. Enemy planes are very busy.
10th Company is first in the area of the battalion. Most likely that we go into the assembly area today. Slept in La Poterie.

(They have now reached their final destination. )

16. June
Moved to St. Michel de Borcq because of the planes.
With the C.O. of the battalion in the area of le Chêne de Loupe, la Guilloterie.
Task: reconnaissance of a stopping line.
0:20 Leaving for Laumay (?), Faudimer.
2.5 hours sleep.

(His Task would have been to do reconnaissance for a suitable defensive position. )

17. June
C.O. of the battalion, Hauptmann Wied, was furious: “I want to give you a slap in the face!” Marched off and built trenches from le Chêne de Loup to the watermill of Groult;
Made an inspection of our positions: very good work.
Reconnaissance patrol for Bois de Limois: Unteroffizier Grutat.

(He had an argument with the C.O. of the battalion.
The reconnaissance patrol to a nearby forest was headed by Unteroffizier [Corporal] Grutat. )

18. June
Evacuees! Be aware!
Strong disappointments!
Some sleep in the room of the watermill (many fleas).
From the C.O. of the Battalion: Looking for positions as far as the area of 9th platoon GrenRgt…
From 15:00 to 20:50 in the area.
When I returned: Order to displace a company on the front line. Execution of the Order.
(advance commando 23:00 Uhr) (complaint from the day before!)

(For unknown reasons there is a warning to be aware of evacuees. When returning from his task (looking for new positions) he received the order to move his company into the front line. The first men of his company, the advance commando, where there at 23:00.)

19. June
4 O´clock
Company headquarters at Les Sablons.
Inspected our positions. A lot of tactics. Many changes, Building of the positions needs a lot of improvement. Organisation.
Hauptmann Bender, our left neighbour. Meals and ammunition are provided.

(Les Sablons is east of St Jores. He was briefed about the tactics. The troops to his left where commanded by Hauptmann Bender.)

20. June
13:00 American patrol 15 -20 men with submachine guns and one light machine gun. Uffz. [Unteroffizier = Corporal] Beetzen wounded while on patrol. Uffz. Schuberth, Gefreiter Randau, wounded by the Americans at 14.00.
Great fireworks with heavy grenade launchers.
Preparation of the H.K.L. [HKL = Hauptkampflinie = Main Fighting Line], making connections, checked our positions, divided the ammunition.

(First clash with the enemy, he made a remark about the weapons of the American soldiers, because in the German Infantry only NCO´s were equipped with a submachine gun. The heavy grenade lauchers opened fire. He is sill preparing his positions. )

21. June
Shrapnel fire into the village from 3 light Infantry cannons. A good dairy cow was hit. Shot it with the M.P.[submachine gun] (the men have to bury the cow!).
Grenade hit near the company HQ (command post). Major Eikner came. We had lunch together. Liver and fried potatoes. Controlled the emplacement in the evening.

22. June
Geldempfang (Uffz. Schlegel)
One man wounded - Gefreiter [Private] Bleuer.
Leutnant von R.-F. came to me concerning the meeting about the run of the HKL. Roasted rabbit. Oberleutnant Risch at the Battalion HQ was pretty arrogant. Two American observers. Fought them with hand grenades. Outpost 0:20 in the trenches.

(He received money. Lt. von Renke - Fink, maybe the 1. Ordonanzoffizier of the battalion, arrived and they talked about the exact run of the main fighting line.)

23. June
Inspected the HKL together with the C.O. of the Battalion from 12:00 – 14:00.
15:00 – 16:30 Meeting with the platoon leaders at the company HQ. Grouping of the reserve force for a counter attack. Feldwebel Reichenbach, Uffz. Noack and 10 men from 12th  company. Evacuation of the population of Les Sablons! Report at 20:00.

24. June
Tommy is firing smoke grenades in our line.
22:30 – 0:30 in the trenches. Very good food but short of tobacco. Feldwebel Reichel as platoon leader to 3rd platoon.
3 American prisoners who came from behind our HKL.

(Tommy = German nickname for British soldiers )

25. June
Sunday! Slept well! Very good tout-de-mênue breakfast. New commanding officer of the Division: Colonel and holder of the Knight´s Cross with Oakleaves, König.
Till this day: 3 dead, 11 wounded (most minor injuries), 3 deserters.
C.O. of the battalion with American submachine gun.

(The battle group is subordinated to the 91st Infantry Division, the C.O. is General Eugen König, a highly decorated officer. A summary of the casualties, including 3 deserters. The C.O. of the battalion equipped himself with an American submachine gun. )

26. June
2.5 hours of great fire works with grenade launcher and artillery. 2 dead and 3 wounded. Company troop in the old command post was very lucky. However, moved to a Stone house!
It´s pouring with rain. Stabsfeldwebel Schmeck went to a follow-up examination to Dr. Wüst. After that to the C.O. because of my complaint.
3 POWs with a mine detector.

27. June
At dawn 2 wounded again, midday a third. The weather cleared off. Major Eickner comes forward to us, Hauptmann Wild inspected the emplacements following the neighbouring company (Risch). Fried potatoes, young peas and 3 fried eggs.
Proposal for a shock troop raid.

28. June
Trouble at 1st and 3rd platoon. An American patrol successfully infiltrated our lines in the daytime. Grenadier Kynast shot one dead. At night, just as our groups changed, 3 men again. One was shot, the second was taken as prisoner, the third escaped.
Uffz. Endrikat has fallen.
Laid mines.

29. June
2:30 Enemy assault on the 3rd platoon. 8 – 10 men with submachine guns. At the narrow pass of B4. Uffz. Grutat takes a prisoner. Uffz. Lauterkorn was killed. Feldwebel Reichenbach is clearing the area. 6:30 it was finished. Major Mecklenburg - Major Eikner.
The captive carry the new testament with them!

30. June
The enemy is scanning our HKL. All with hand to hand combat.

1. July
Enemy attacked the 1st platoon from 14:50 till 19:30. Surgeon Major was at the company command post, the reserve company was deployed prematurely. Oberleutnant Kreitig is supposed to come back. Artillery observer is leading the fire. Left the old company HQ.

(With increasing pressure from the Americans, the reserve company goes into action. As the American artillery fire is led by an observer the company HQ was abandoned.)

2. July
Relatively quiet. Uffz. Hesseler did best reconnaissance up to now . Preparations?
20 promotions to Gefreiter.

(20 Privates where promoted to Gefreiter. Roughly equivalent to an American E-2, or PFC (Private First Class)

3. July
5:15 – 5:50 Artillery preparation.
After that attack and assault.
Fog. Tanks.
HQ of the battalion.

July 3rd, 1944 is the final entry 1st Lt. Werner Simon makes in his diary.
He officially died on July 7th, 1944.

As more information becomes available, it will be added to this.

Also, for our German friends across the Pond, I have the opportunity (because of a good man named
RALF!) to also post the German version of these entries, for completeness, the way it should be.

The German version I have posted is the LONG version, which contains no abbreviations (again, thanks to

If you see ANY irregularities, do not hesitate to email me!

No one is perfect, so mistakes are made!

In the end, after 60+ years, 1st. Werner Simon of the 894th Grenadier Regiment gets his say in history. As it should be.

On a personal note, the largest possible gratitude you can imagine goes out to Ralf, and EVERYONE at the Axis History Group for the work that THEY did, that I could never done alone.

Gentlemen.........Here's to you!
I appreciate.

And so does Oberleutnant Lt. Werner Simon, Germany 7th Army, 265th Battalion, 894th Infantry (G.R.), 10th Company.
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