Trumpeter Swans
The Trumpeters are the largest of the waterfowl birds.  They weigh around 30 pounds at full maturity.  They usually breed in the spring, laying a clutch of 5-6 eggs.  Their nest is very large, about 5ft x 5ft. Their babies are a silver color similar to their cousins, the Mutes and Blacks.  The head shape of the Trumpeters is quite different though.  They do not have a knob like the Mutes and the bills are very black other than a thin reddish orange line that runs down the lower bill.  They hold their bodies in a sleeker type position.  Their leggs and feet are very black. They can live for many years in protective captivity, but have been on the endangered list in the wild. They can be vocal especially during the breeding season.  Their trumpeting calls can be heard for several miles.
Trumpeter Cygnets
Like the Mute and Black Swan cygnets, the Trumpeters also retain their greyish feathers until they are around a year old and have a full molt.  The reddish line becomes more and more prominant at this age as well.
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