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16 Months Post-op
Down 139 pounds
I'm glad that you have found my site.  I hope in browsing through all the pages, you will gain a better insight to the procedure as well as life afterwards.  It is a major life altering procedure.  I can tell you that it has been the best change of my life. I suffered through some complications, but I there was a light at the the end of the tunnel.  Life is good, although there are many new challenges that I face everyday. 

If you are a pre-op, please be educated before making this decision. This surgery is only a TOOL!  This surgery is not be a walk in the park that will make all your problems disappear.  It's a tool to help YOU make changes in your life.

If your post-op, I know that being in relationships that offer  support is the best way to go through this life change.  If you ever need a little extra encouragement, please feel free to e-mail anytime!

Best Wishes,

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