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SY Chinook
ARC Europe

Beneteau 432


Caribbean Sea

ARC Europe 2001
Florida - Bermuda
Bermuda - Azores
Azores - Portugal
Lagos, Portugal

Mediterranean Sea


The Atlantic
May 2001

Regatta over the Atlantic with the ARC Europe 2001 of the World Cruising Club:
Florida  - Bermuda  -  Azores  -  Portugal
The crew of Korund, a Comfortina 35 from Germany on the dockside in St. Georges Harbour, Bermuda.
Eternity of Hamble, a Bowman 42, skippered by Pat Jackson, making preparations before the leg to the Azores in St. Georges Harbour, Bermuda.
Chinook, a Beneteau 432
with  the youngest "crew" in the ARC Europe 2001 on the Atlantic.
Chequered Past decided at the last minute to change destination to Ireland instead of Lagos.
Misty Lady, a Gozzard 44 skippered by David Gough reaching along in the 10 knots of breeze before the start of ARC Europe in St. Augustine.
Cest Ci Bon, a Peterson 46 skippered by Charlie Butts from the USA hoisting her mainsail on the dock in Camachee Cove , St. Augustine.
Mike van Barneveld and the crew on Bravelender reluctantly starting the final leg of their trip back to the Netherlands, having been away for over one year.
George Geudeker's beautiful 'Julia Catherina', a Puffin 42. 
The ARC Europe Fairytale
Written by Joanne Berquist, s/y Chequered Past (using all our boatnames)

There once lived on the lovely isle of
'Iona' a fair young maiden named 'Julia Catherina'. She was a 'Whimsical' lass who dreamed endlessly of an 'Ocean Drive', so that she could feel the 'Wind on Loch Fyne'. It was her 'Persistence' and 'Sirius' nature that caused this 'Misty Lady' to 'Zig Zag' her way through terrible 'Chinooks' to the Pacific Isle of 'Mahalo'. Once there she became 'Cherry Ripe' to fall hopelessly in love with a 'Bravelender' named 'Kim', a man of 'Boundless' energy, who was 'Forever in Blue Jeans', but alas donned a 'Blue Jacket' just for the sport of it! But sadly this 'Dreamcatcher' one day mysteriously vanished for all 'Eternity'. His foresaken lady, to whom he whispered 'Dovekie' in private moments, spent the rest of her days wistfully hearing reports of his wanderings to such strange and faraway places as 'Rhiannon', 'Popel', 'Korund' and 'Gitana'. He surely had a very 'Chequered Past'! Of his aimless life in the sun, he was heard to justify "Non, non, 'C'est si Bon,".