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SY Chinook
Caribbean Sea
Beneteau 432


Caribbean Sea
British Virgin Islands
American Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

ARC Europe 2001

Mediterranean Sea


  January - March 2001

It is true - the Carribean Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We can highly recommend a vacation in this area. We spend several weeks in Tortola/British Virgin Islands. If you want to leave your boat in good hands in that area - go for Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola and ask for Johnny's Marine Service. We sailed around the British and the American Virgin Islands for two months.
Then we left for Puerto Rico where we stayed a couple of days and enjoyed the beautiful capital San Juan. We had to run into Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic because of a broken gooseneck (for nonsailors: connector between mast and boom). If you ever have to run into this place, you should have lots of one and five US$ bills in your pockets. Life is much easier this way.
Later we stopped in the beautiful bay of Luperon/Dominican Republic where we met  lots of other sailors from all over the world. But watch out, because when we came back from a little trip on land we had a long, green snake (triangle headform equals danger and trouble) sitting right on our swimladder.
Then we went with nice winds through the Bahama Channel to Miami/Florida. Close to Florida a Tornado hit us. We "enjoyed" strong winds and high waves in the night. That we can not recommend. But we were prepared for this. Later, we were glad to be in Miami to have a rest and enjoy a sunny relaxing day.