64 Hexagrams  (Big5 Code)   (English)

Wen Yan Zhuan (Big5 Code)  (English)

Shuo Gua Zhuan (Big5 Code)   (English)

Xu Gua Zhuan (Big5 Code)   (English)

This chapter is used for convenience to novices to memorize the sequence of 64 hexagrams; the meaning of each hexagram which mentioned in this chapter is not particularly important. Please notice that the first paragraph doesn't say hexagram Qian and Kun, but Heaven and Earth. The second paragraph doesn't say the hexagram Xian, but the influence (interaction and intercourse).

The creation of Yi theory was based on the yinyang theory, and the yinyang theory was based on observing the change in the space between Heaven and Earth. Accordingly the first paragraph highlighted "Heaven and Earth". Yin and yang are two opposite natures; all changes originated from the interaction and intercourse between these two opposites. The rest of hexagrams are derived from Qian and Kun. Yi is the study of the interaction and intercourse between yin and yang. The "male and female" which mentioned in the second paragraph hint at the two opposite natures, yin and yang; and the "husband and wife" subtly indicates the interaction and intercourse between these two opposites, yin and yang. The chapter ended with Weiji, it means that the change goes on forever and endlessly.
Xi Ci Zhuan (Big5 Code)   (English)

Za Gua Zhuan (Big5 Code)  (English)

Yi divination Yarrow stalk method and Coin method




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